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Mr. Olympia Without Steroids?


how long do you think its been since a mr. olympia champion wasn't on roids?


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Frank Zane comes to mind, however many say he did use some things. Now Larry Scott won the first Olympia. 'Roids have been available since the early Sixties. There is very little info on the cycles of the early
stars, and most I’ve read is speculation.


Drugs are bad, mhkay?

I heard steroids can give you boobs, not unlike these…

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[quote]Evil Dude625 wrote:
how long do you think its been since a mr. olympia champion wasn’t on roids?[/quote]



[quote]Evil Dude625 wrote:
how long do you think its been since a mr. olympia champion wasn’t on roids?[/quote]

BAM and this thread has meaning…


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Wow, good point. Never new that about him. He was the master of getting that freaky definition.


Zane admitted to using, but not as much as others. You don’t get a nickname like “the chemist” in bodybuilding for getting an A+ in chem 101.


All them ‘vitamins’ they took in the 50s-60s were just oral anabolics, weren’t they?


testosterone was isolated in the early 1930’s, and the first mr. olympia wasn’t until 1965, so everyone who has ever competed has had access to test at the very least. as far as who took what in the early days of the competition i can’t say, but using steroids wasn’t looked down upon then the way it is today.


[quote]Bicep_craze wrote:
Evil Dude625 wrote:
how long do you think its been since a mr. olympia champion wasn’t on roids?

BAM and this thread has meaning…[/quote]

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From a Dave Draper interview…

DD: Between 1965 and 1970, a reasonable outline would consist of a 12-week cycle of Durabolin injectable, one cc per week, plus Winstrol, Anavar, or Dianabol in pill form, four to six tabs a day.

I don’t think Test was the norm back then.


Wasn’t Zane also a high school chemistry teacher ? Which would have added to the nickname of course.


I found out who that sneezing chick was… her name is Margaret Nolan (aka Vicki Kennedy)



Until fairly recent decades the health/medical community didn’t even believe that steroids worked for building muscle.

Because they had only really tested them in non-exercising persons on “normal diets”.


I think it is pretty hard for a classic ectopmorph like Frank Zane to win Mr. Olympia, without any assistance.
How can a champion not eat “the breakfast of champions” ? :slight_smile:
I am confident that 100% of male pro bodybuilders on this planet used methandrostenonlone.


I’ve read a great deal about lots of the BBers of the past from books and online sources, interviews etc.

Gathering all that together I think you can be pretty confident that all American top BBer’s, with very few exceptions, had used at least Dianabol from 1960 onwards. This seems to be the accepted state of things too.

Some experimented in the late 50’s

Mr America winners before 1960 rarely had arm measurements over 17.5 inches, after 1960 arm measurements hover closer to 20 on the winners. That might be partly due to know-how, diet and judging but lets also accept other factors.

Non Americans were slower to catch up so the spread of steroids took a number of years to become the norm.

Dosages varied from as little as 5-10mg (DB) to around 40mg, injectables were also used but developed more slowly it seems, being on year round seems to have been rare. hgh apparently is more of a late 80’s development, insulin usage later still (and crazy imo)

An interesting fact is that a lot of the BBers were big before using. This is a very important point (along with the Mr America pre 1960 BBers) - the idea that being large and muscular is only possible with steroids is demonstrably false but it seems some people now find that difficult to believe.

Many people suggest, even insinuate, that pretty much every BBer from late 30’s onwards used steroids simply because it was theoretically possible to do so (test had been synthesized) but i haven’t seen that corroborated at all, certainly there would have been precious little in the way of distribution back then. Someone would have told us all about it by now, after all the post 1960 BBers have by and large admitted use.

the shame about the history of steroids in BBing is that many people now associate almost any muscular development with steroids when a lot of guys were (and are) large and muscular without them.

Of course you can only get the absolute truth about steroid use back then by having been part of it in a big way, knowing the facts about 100’s of BBers and so on, thus a lot of the old time ‘facts’ like these are very generalized and anecdotal etc but i think it’s credible


In 1948 there are letters to the editor of “Strength and Health” from different places in the US about how to correctly dose/inject testosterone. So start there and imagine any athelete/Mr. Olympia had access to anabolic steroids.

PS Who Cares?


[quote]Evil Dude625 wrote:
how long do you think its been since a mr. olympia champion wasn’t on roids?[/quote]

its been 18 years. 1991 olympia was drug tested