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Mr. Olympia Weekend


Here are my top 5:
1. Kai Greene
2. Phil Heath
3. Dexter Jackson
4. Jay Cutler
5. Dennis Wolf

I think Tony will place 6th followed by Branch. It's tough to call though, so it will be an interesting weekend.


Party at Prof X's house, everyone bring your own Chicken Breasts and Broccoli


yeah cause everyone is preparing for a contest.


I am just not a Kai Greene fan..
I just don't like his physique (or how he presents it, even if he is famous in part for his posing..)

Looking forward to it though!


I have to agree, but he still is a great bb. in my opinion, if phil heath comes in complete, he will be placing top 2 !


Pre-Judging starts at 9:30 EST. Thats when the webcast starts at least. The ladies go first, so we will have to wait to re-arrange our predictions :stuck_out_tongue:


Wheres Vic Mart. in your top 6? Blasphemus.


I'm a big fan of Victor, but like it's been said a million times over, his criminal shit is probably gonna place him much further back. I hope he at least breaks top 5.

I personally hope that Kai takes 1st tho. Gonna be an exciting contest nonetheless.


I know its a risky call, but with his leg injury I banked on him not showing up in great shape.


I would really like to see one of my favorite bodybuilders in the top 3, but we have to be realistic, the lineup in a few hours will be unpredictable.


That's this weekend?


How long do the chicks normally last?

Like how late am I gonna be up to see the dudes?

(Sorry for being a dumbass)


Its late, probably not until around midnight (eastern time)




Thanks man...

You know at a bit higher BF, you know so their booties came back, these chicks would be pretty fucking hot.


I meant the figure girls bTW, but LOL at how much of a little bitch I feel like compared to the big girls...


I would absolutely smash Trish Warren, even in contest condition, she's just hot.


The fucking webcast sucks dick, I have to reload the fucking window every fucking minute.


Pre-Judging starting for men now for anyone not watching yet.


I now I am biased, but Branch looked incredible!