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Mr Olympia predictions.

Well there are under 3 weeks to the 2002 Mr Olympia. I must say that i had lost most interest in Pro Bodybuilding until i just recently bought Ronnie Coleman’s “The Unbelievable” video. He completely suprised me. I was expecting a big dumb bodybuilder. But he is a really likeable type of person. I absolutely loved watching his old style approach to training. No machines or too many isolation exercises, just heavy lifting. Personally i hope he wipes the floor with everyone again. All of the other pro bodybuilders are just so annoying.

And guess what they’re doing this year? Introducing ALL NEW judges - well almost. The judging panel will be made up of almost entirely new judges. You have to remember that the last ten years of the Olympia, the judges have been the same old people. Not this year. Which will make things much more interesting.

you know, i used to be a huge pro bodybuilding fan, but when i started hearing some of the shit that goes on behind the scenes (basically when i started reading tmag about a year ago) i lost respect for all of them. every now and then ill check out some of the sites, like ifbb.com, and getbig.com for the hell of it. honestly, from the little ive read, i want to see someone else win the o. someone like levrone, cutler, or cormier beating ronnie’s pregnant ass.

I’m a big fan of pro-bodybuilding-is-gay, and those-guys-are -toxic-freaks, but if gives-handjobs-for-D-Bol comes in in good condition, I think he could beat out bloated-fetish-object to win it.

I am with JC on this one. I also started reading t-mag about a year ago and pretty much lost all interest in pro-bodybuilding. I used to be a big Weider mag person, but after reading t-mag those mags seems like such shit. Although I don’t really follow it much, I would really prefer to see a more aesthetically pleaseing contestant, like Levrone, win. I really like Cutler and Cormier too. I think if Ronnie comes in with a destended(sp?) stomach again, the judges shouldn’t let him win. Just my humble opinion, but I am tired of the GH gut.

I just want to see what Flex looks like this year at his lower, leaner weight. I must say that I’m disappointed Shawn Ray isn’t competing - one of my all-time favorites. It definitely should be interesting with the new judges…perhaps they’ll take more of a “pro-active” approach when it comes to distended bellies (then again, perhaps not!).

Someone on massive amounts of steroids,growth hormone, etc.etc. will win. Good chance they will have a huge distorted gut as well. Bodybuilding is a healthy sport, yes indeed. Not this brand of it thank you.

Got to admit though guys, steroids or not, these freaks are freaks indeed. A tiny fraction of us could barely look that massive with endless cycles. I still am facinated by the Olympia’s juiced-up bodies. Personally, I’d like to see Jay C win.