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Mr. Olympia on TV

reminder - the Mr. Olympia will be on ESPN2 at 10 AM pacific time tomorrow 1/9/01. that means uhh 11 AM in biotest world and hmmm 1 PM Over here in the East. If you miss it today then you can catch it on the 22nd

thanks for the reminder. is it just me or did anyone else find ronnie’s performance to “next episode” quite humerous. the showdown was funny as hell too.

I got to watch it this morning. It was quite funny listening to the stupid announcers. For example, the lady announcer (who is an ex-bodybuilder) was talking about striations or definition in the back. She said that you can get that by stricter dieting and more training before the contest. What horse shit!?!? I almost died of all the funny stupid things they said.

Whenever I go to ESPN’s site and search for shows related to lifting I can’t ever find anything. I don’t really watch TV very much. Did you buy a TV guide? How do you find out when they’re on? I know this sounds lame but it is frustrating.

I watched the Olympia today and made the following observations:

  1. Cory Everson (the female announcer) is gushing with praise for every competitor. She must be the only person on the planet who thought that Flex Wheeler should have placed higher.
  2. Ronnie Coleman and Markus Ruhl are HUGE, but so are their abdomens.
  3. Levrone (and it’s pronounced levroni, not levroan or leevroan) looked great, Shawn Ray and Lee Priest were good but not as good as they looked in the magazines.
  4. My favorite part was when Cory said in the posedown that the competitors really joked around and became competitive. Then when Levrone kept pointing at Coleman’s bloated stomach, she just fell silent.
  5. I pity the fool who’s never seen a bodybuilding show who channel surfed in.