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Mr. Olympia Expo

This year’s Mr. Olympia contest and Expo begins this Friday the 20th. Biotest/Testosterone will be there, albeit in a low-key way, sharing a booth with one of our distributors. Jeff McCarrell and Billy Amicarelle of the Biotest sales force, and myself, will be on hand with T-shirts, print mags, and high spirits. If any of you make the scene in Vegas for the Olympia, come on by and say hello. As he’s staying home to work and won’t be on hand to defend himself, we’ve many funny stories about TC to entertain you with!

WOW, Im going to vegas this weekend. The olympia is there? John can you tell me where it is held? Where the Expo is and what time? also costs? thanks

Jon, the Mandalay Bay Hotel, the biggest and newest of the new gigantic hotels in Vegas. Very visible from the airport. The Expo is about noon to six p.m. Friday, or maybe 10:00 to six, and probably noon to six Saturday, but I don’t have the schedule in front of me. The contest itself is Saturday night; everything is at Mandalay Bay, a wonderful facility. Hope to see ya!