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Mr. Olympia-Are You Kidding Me?


First off Ronnie won (Big surprise), but did anybody else see this poor display of a contest, it was completely disorganized to the point it was comical. Gene Rychlak missed at 1,015lbs. pretty hard, looks like he crushed something and the announcer had the nerve to ask him to go for another try. The challenge round was a complete waste of time as well! What are everyone else's opinions?


Ronnie Coleman is a fucking joke. His nipples offend me.

I saw a video of this fat guy going for a PR on the bench. He got the bar down fine (for a second), then all of a sudden he went from fat to very very thin. It was hilarious, then extremely disturbing, then hilarious, then disturbing, then hilarious (with a slight tinge of curiosity as to whether he was dead). It's like the bar went right through him. The bastard committed seppuku on the bench press.

I have gotten the impression that once somebody wins the Olympia, they win it until they retire and only then will the judges change the idea of what is a good body. Is this true?


I wonder why anyone would watch the Olympia...no seriously...


I have DirecTV which didn't have the PPV, but if had been available to me for a reasonable price, I probably would have bought it.

Why? I guess mostly curiosity at seeing extreme muscular development. And, yes, there's a bit of a "freak show" aspect to it as well, especially these days.

And that's also the reason I would consider not buying it: The physiques are just grotesque these days. People have always said that about bodybuilders, and I used to disagree with them in, say, the Lee Haney era, but now I don't see how it's a subject for debate. The distended abdomens are gruesome.

And women's bodybuilding is a total freak show and is completely dead. The Ms. Olympia was apparently held at the expo center this year instead of on the main stage. I was curious to see if they actually scored down women that were too big, but I can't find the results anywhere.


If you're reffering to Gene Rychlak, he's got the biggest bench in the world 1005 lbs and his Squat is also over 1000 lbs. If you don't know anything about powerlifting I suggest you don't post your ignorant comments, stick to watching the Olympia.


I don't know, it's like watching "Professional Wresting", everybody knows who is going to win...


I agree, The last couple of years have been a joke. The best is the fact that everyone made such a big deal about distended abdomens and that this would be the year of the aesthetic bodybuilder. O.K. The IFBB really proved their point didn't they?


Does any one know if gene is okay?
Did he sustain any serious injury?
The bar crushed him pretty good.
My opinion is that the whole hoopla of benching at O probably set the whole attempt up for failure before it even started.
Hope the poor bastard is okay.


He's ok and back from the hospital.


In case anyone is interested in the results...(I was mildly interested to see if Jay Cutler would get shut-out again this year)



How tall is ron coleman?

I never thought I'd say this but he's being dwarfed by Ben Weider and some other schmoe in that pic.


I liked the challenge round. It gave more money to the athletes, especially the ones who didn?t win. It was also good to have the pervious Mr. Olympia winners judge that round and give another view on who should win. Also the challenge round had no bearing on the final out come of the show so it not a supper big deal who won it. I know some will say that Ronnie is bigger than Gustavo and should automatically win but that is not the case. The pose down is all about comparing each contestants pose to the other competitors pose. As we all saw, Ronnie does not have the best side tricep pose and due to that fact he lost,? and should of lost? to Gustavo, who does have one of the best side triceps shots. Also when compared to the other top 4 competitors, Ronnie does not dominate them on all body parts. Jay has some of the best caves in the business, not Ronnie. Jay also won the best legs witch had cuts and striations all the way up them. Ronnie did not. Ronnie also doesn?t have the best mid-section or shoulder width of the top 4, the shoulder width going to Gunter. Ronnie does have the best back when comparing width and detail, not to mention very dry hamstrings and gluts. So all I am really saying is that the challenge round is a good because it gives the top 4 competitors additional money and shows off the strengths and weaknesses of each athlete. That is why it should stay!


5'9", maybe. Most of them are pretty short. Gunter's 6'2", but the rest of the guys on the stage were around 5'8".


I'm pretty sure Coleman is 5'11".


Alexander Federov finished in 19th place. Wasn't he supposed to be the dark horse in the contest??


Only according to Flex magzine. He's shaped oddly, with an enormous waist, and a torn just doesn't look right to the point where in the last blowjob Flex gave him, there wasn't one picture of him without a sweatshirt on.

The really interesting thing to note is that the IFBB seems to have, once again, ignored their own bullshit. The much vaunted mandate about distended bellies and all didn't stop Ronnie, Cutler, and Gustavo Badell (three of the biggest stomachs on the planet) from taking 1,2,3. At least put someone who doesn't look pregnant in the top rankings, just to keep up appearances.


Seems these days the dark horses stay in the dark. If they're lucky they break the top 8 after 4-5 years competing in the Mr O.. Then they make the top 3 after 6-8 years, but have to hang around knowing the aren't going to get a better result until the reigning Mr. O. retires.

What a load of horsecrap BB is!

ps. I am a competitive bodybuilder, but the whole pro scene stinks!


Can somebody tell me what the diff is between "Fitness" and "figure" Olympia? Girls look the same to me.


I gotta agree. I love bodybuilding, but if you go to Flex's website and look at the pix of the pre-judging...it just seems so, so, so odd. Page after page of oily, lumpy dudes in thongs painted brown with these weird grimaces on their faces.

I will say that Gunter looked incredible. Uually he looks like a fat fuck (comparatively), but I think he could have placed higher than the fourth he got this year.

But, speaking of Germans, Markus Ruhl looks sick. Not good-sick. Cancer-sick. Anyone else get that from the pictures?


Fitness Olympia, the girls go out and perform a dance/gymnastics type routine.

Figure Olympia is nothing more than a swimsuit competition.