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Mr. Olympia and World's Strongest Man


Both are former basketball players and live in Colorado.

F@#$ it I am going to learn how to play basketball and I am moving to Colorado.


I taught him everything he knows.


The question is, did Phil give you that shirt cuz you were in the front row, or did you have to buy it?


Lol. I hung out and talked with him for a while and got pictures and all, so I bought one.

Phister not Heath for the people out there getting confused.


Why isn't worlds strongest man ever on espn?


its always on espn dude


duh. stupid question. anyway, why isnt the NFL ever on tv?


I wish there was a program that would let people know about current events in the world also. Hey man, we should invent such a program of an informative nature.


You're only allowed within borders if you're from places other than Texas or California, we've got way too many of them already!!