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Mr Olympia 2019

Yeah, I was surprised too. You’ve got a consistent top Olympia finisher on here, who’s been on every magazine cover, who Arnold takes and posts selfies with, and who is one of the most down to earth humble individuals,… who is not trying to sell anything to anyone, and no one bats an eyelash… alternatively you’ve got certain authors/coaches who haven’t accomplished jack only here to push their own financial agenda, and people hang on their Jock like they sweat greatness.

To each their own, but it always baffled me.



Tag him if you’re going to keep mentioning him on the sly. This isn’t the only thread you’ve done it in either…

Thread had nothing to do with anyone else. I mentioned other individuals in comparison to Arash, that’s all.


I mean… if he dwarfs Meadows… he’s huge

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I dont think John Meadows was that bad. The problem is, he tended to overdo the condition and ended up coming in stringy.

My opinion.

Meadows has always been a favorite of mine, he and Branch Warren, always been drawn to their intensity, work ethic, and (especially Meadows’) unique look.

What a weird Mr O…

Brandon curry has been kicking around for what feels like forever and finally making it to the show recently, and now potentially a contender?

Dex feels like he has been at every Mr O for like 20 years now

The Big name of the last 5-10 years are all gone (Jay, Ronnie, Kai)

Bunch of huge guys who can never quite seem to hit it on the day


The decline is sad.

I don’t like Kai that much, mostly because I find he’s zen philosopher stuff a bit tedious and his physique aesthetically displeasing, but I’m so disappointed that he stopped competing in Mr O. If you don’t buy the synical view.of him not being allowed to win because of his off stage persona (or on stage sometimes I guess) I feel like he’d really have a shot and raise the level of the comp.

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Brandon Curry was once a member of this very site, and just starting out. I literally remember the thread too. This must be over 10 years ago.

Afraid I cannot recall his profile name on here.

Very, very cool if he were to go and win Mr O based on that alone.

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I think his screen name on here was Gifted.

2019 a big year for T-Nation. Martins Licis winning World’s Strongest Man (not sure if he participated in the forums or just read the articles) and maybe Curry winning Mr O.

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Haha and once again everyone forgets about Arash within about 10 posts lol. Not digging at anybody, I guess it’s just a case of Open divisions in sports attracting the most interest.


That is because classic is not really classic tbh. I mean, classic never had dick skin conditioning if they are really trying to emulate the true classic era physique. Its literally just doing a vaccum and having dick skin nowadays. Not classic at all.

Well let’s be honest, most open guys in this era have awful conditioning compared to the 90’s competitors. Nowadays people confuse veins and unhealthy complexions with muscle separation and conditioning @BrickHead thoughts?


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This is what I was going to say.

It’s like they’ve figured out a way to get the ‘grainy’ look (read skin looks like very coarse sandpaper) without actually getting their bodyfat as low as they should.


Somewhere along the line being water-logged and having varicose-presenting veins and mottled skin became akin to being grainy.

I also think, or rather KNOW, that many people have no idea what they’re doing with dieting, including Mr. O competitors and their gurus!

What was the best condition you have ever seen in a bodybuilder?

My top 3

dorian yates in 1992
phil heath in 2011
shawn ray in 1999

The fact that Yates looked exactly the same the year they tested for diuretics speaks volumes to which pros rely on drugs for their conditioning (which seems more common these days imo) and which ones truly understand nutrition/training and which ones don’t.



i cant remember when/where i saw it, but john meadows said the last 4 weeks of one prep he lived solely on eggwhites and ketchup lol. Might of been when he won his pro card.

I dont know how much tounge-in-cheek it was, but the main point was epic suffering for that kind of condition

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