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Mr Olympia 2019

Originally Rhoden was banned, then I’m certain, legal folks pointed out that he hasn’t actually been found guilty of anything, and to deprive him of his livelihood based on a he said/she said that may very well turn out to be false would no doubt put them in a very bad situation down the line.

Last I heard, he’s going to be there.



I think Breon will be the Lee Haney of classic physique.

Chris Bumstead looks great from the front but the back detail of Breon is too much for him to handle.

Arash Rahbar and George Peterson are great bodybuilders but honestly they arent as classic looking as Breon.

If Breon is on, its over. ( He looks on in his update pics BTW )


:open_mouth: someone’s been eating his Wheaties


even if phil, shawn and kai compete, brandon curry will still win the olympia.

i believe this so much.

He is looking huge…Shaping up to be an excellent competition this year.

he is posting training videos on his youtube channel very frequently.

it’s almost all machine ( fancy ones ) work.

considering how much he improved in the last 2 years, this proves you can get keep getting bigger with machines as well.

phil was accused of training like a pussy for years. so many pros are switching to this type of training lately.

no doubt. If I was training for bodybuilding, I would rely heavily, probably almost exclusively, on machines. That’s such a good way to go IMO. There’s a whole lot of stuff I do now that I would stop completely.


I would say I lift in a body building style (as that’s what I like to do) and have been incorporating a lot more cable work lately. I find the pump from cables so much more invigorating than most free weight movements. I am guessing time under tension plays a big factor here and is a great way to increase muscle volume (as opposed to strength).

I don’t see why not. The body adapts to the stress put on the muscle. If you can put more tension for more time on the muscle, it should create a larger adaptation response. It shouldn’t care about free weight vs machine.

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He does have a much better shape than Phil. Heath has certainly gotten bigger (improved?) over the years,but in addition to his actual worsening condition the last several years, his structure and shape have never really been good, and you can see that when you compare him to any number of other really good pros.


Is Flex Lewis doing the open this year ? Wasn’t he going to stop up to play with the big boys ?

Next year. It would have been a good opportunity this year.

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neil hill says 2020.

im sure he will become a giant killer in the open class.


John Meadows is my top favorite bb’er when it comes to knowledge but when you look at him standing next to Arash, you can easily understand how important genetics are in this sport.

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By the way this screenshot is from a leg workout. Look at this arms and shoulders. Crazy.

Isn’t John 5’8" and Arash is well over 6 foot?

They are 5"11 and 5"6

Any pics? See if you can convince him to stop by the thread. I can’t believe his thread from a few years ago was met with such a Luke warm response.

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Arash is 5’10, and competes at about 215. His off-season is usually around 230-235, and I’ll say as objectively as possible that he’s a very big individual… which is why I laugh my ass off when I read certain author’s claimed stats in their articles and social media.



“Certain authors”. No names, obviously