Mr Olympia 2019

It’s unclear whether Shawn or Heath will be on stage in September. We know Big Ramy won’t be there.

Both Shawn and Phil look in striking distance of stage condition so I wouldn’t exactly rule either out.

But it does look like the contest could be wide open this year. Brandon Curry has really come on this year, William Bonac has a shot and Roelly Winklaar might just have his time in the sun. Dexter has fallen off the pace in the last year but he is still winning pro shows and the door opening slightly for a second Mr O might create new found enthusiasm.

What are we thinking/hoping for folks?


Curry has looked amazing, but don’t forget this guy either.



seems like I have seen ppl saying winkler always peaks to soon. Like he looks better in pics 2-3 weeks out than he does on stage. What’re your thoughts on that?

Seems like I saw a list of Olympia competitors and Rhoden was still in there recently I’ll try to find it.

Last I heard, Rhoden and Heath are both on target,… and yeah, Winkler usually looks crazy before the big show, but you never know.

He, or even Curry could be the Dark Horse that no one really sees coming.


Isn’t rhoden out because of the rape accusations? Did they reverse that?

I would like to see Roelly win one.

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Man anyone who goes to these oxygen gyms in the middle east, crazy transformations.


The Oxygen Gym Mirror lol

I’m pulling for Roelly. Is Curry the only one training at Oxygen Gym.

  1. Brandon Curry
  2. Roelly Winklaar
  3. William Bonac
  4. Dexter Jackson
  5. Nathan DeAsha
  6. Juan Morel
  7. Steve Kuclo
  8. Luke Sandoe
  9. Patrick Moore
  10. Jonathan Delarosa

I’m bummed I’m not going this year. Last year @The_Mighty_Stu and I went and it was a blast.

Stopped by Arash’s place the other day,… at 5 weeks out, he looks as good if not better than when he was about 2- weeks out last year. Shredded glutes, feathering all over his legs, waist smaller than before…

But obviously while I try to always be objective with my friend (and Brad knows this!), I also keep an eye on other competitors and consider just how the level of Classic has gotten increasingly tougher every year since the division’s inception.



is he confirmed to compete, given his recent legal issues?

With 4 weeks to go…

Phil posted this, which he says was “from a while ago”

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Is Rhoden suddenly unbanned from the Olympia?

It’s not clear. IFBB says he’s good to go, AMI says he’s not. He’s still training for it though.

My understanding was that IFBB just say they are taking no action against him, but that it’s irrelevant since they don’t own the Mr Olympia show, AMI do. IFBB acting could remove his qualification to compete, so they could say no to him going, which they aren’t, but they don’t have the power to say yes to him going?

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I believe that is the situation. He’s listed as a qualified athlete.

I have always been a fan of Dexter Jackson, but I don’t think he is going to have what it takes this year.
My bet would be for Curry, Winklaar (if he can hold his size), or Heath.