Mr Olympia 2016

We’re within 20 weeks and some news is popping up.

Levrone in
Seems like no Dennis Wolf (injury)or Kai Greene (politics)
Rammy has regained most of his size but seems he’ll come in at a lighter weight
Phil looking pretty good already so he’ll win barring an injury/scandal

My thoughts at the moment:

Levrone: Nowhere near where he used to be, and I’m thinking that this is possibly a publicity stunt because Kai’s not going to be there and Phil doesn’t usually have a positive fan reception. If Kev were to suddenly “injure” himself and only end up guest posing I wouldn’t be shocked.

Wolf: I hadn’t heard about an injury, but despite having some of the best conditioning of the entire line up in past shows, his height will continue to work against him with his high lats (better recently though) and weak (relatively) calves.

Kai: While he may be completely done with the Olympia stage (he’s never going to beat Phil, and I think we all know it), I lost so much respect for him with that nonsense last year and pretending he was barred from competing. The guy just disrespects his fans so much with his BullSh-t that I’m sure plenty of people won’t care that he’s absent. Let him tend to his ESPN deal, or his supplement company, or those silly videos where he says absolutely nothing for 5-10 minutes but sounds so emotional and serious.

Rammy: Looked crazy small at the recent Pittsburgh guest posing IMO. Maybe it was just the other Pros being “offseason” (cough, out of shape, cough), but he just didn’t appear as dominating in terms of sheer size. Still, there’s plenty of time before the Olympia to work some magic as folks who follow the sport should know.

Phil: has looked worse and worse at each of his successive “wins”, BUT, as no one else comes to mind as being even close to him, it really does seem a done thing at this point. I’d honestly love to see Rhoden step up his game. I’ve been saying that for a couple of years now, but I guess that window is ever closing.


me too. He’s my favourite physique on the Olympia stage right now.

Really, the only interesting thing about the O these days is Ramy. Phil’s dominance is getting boring, the Phil v Kai thing sucked too, Kai’s a douche and as much as I love Rhoden I doubt he’ll ever take Phil.

So the only interesting thing left is to see how Ramy places. Apparently they’re bringing him in smaller but way more conditioned, so that could be in his favour. Or not.

What’s everyone’s thoughts on Cedric’s physique/chances?

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I honestly and truly love Ced’s physique. Yes, he is a “big” dude, but not at the expense of aesthetics, which is a rarity these days on the pro stage. The only thing that has sometimes dogged him has been conditioning, and IMO there’s not too many competitors (amateurs and pros) who regularly dial it in.

His height and structure MAY work against him when lined up next to shorter competitors though. I believe it’s been said that most Olympia finishers range about 5’6 - 5’9, with Yates (5’10), Coleman (5’11) and Haney (6’) listed as falling in the taller range. Phil has plenty of structural deficiencies though, and all the SEO he might fill himself up with (ALLEGEDLY!) isn’t going to change his narrow clavicles, how narrow he looks in certain poses, and of course his ever decreasing separation and crispness with each passing contest. Does Ced have the tools to upset the apple cart (top 5? top 3?!),… I would say yes, but there are other factors at play here. Still, I don’t think the majority of fans would have any problems with Ced stepping up and finally being hailed as one of the top tier guys.


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I agree with you for sure, personally I have never been a fan of Phil. I don’t like the way his midsection looks and also his persona is not something I admire. Out of all the guys today I would say Cedric is really the only one I would look at and say “man I would love to look like him”, maybe Rhoden as well. Being a tall guy myself (I’m 6’3") I like the streamlined taper as opposed to the X frame. Just my personal thoughts but I would like to see Ced do some damage.

Though he is not very aesthetic these days and has been coming in way more “pregnant” looking in his last outings, I really hope Roelly comes out with that waist under control. I’ve seen pics of him recently and he looks insane. But the title of “gym Olympia winner” that is still Dennis James title could be in jeopardy with Roelly around.

I don’t think Levrone will do well if he really does compete. But I’m hoping he can pull it together.

Roelly always blows my mind leading up to the show, his thickness and density are just crazy. Of course come game day, and he’s just one of a whole line up of “big guys” on the stage.


Looks like Roelly just won one of the lower tiered competitions yesterday (BodyPower 2016)? He is looking pretty good (from the pics), stomach much more controlled. Though there are cuts there, still looks a bit soft. But again, at least the stomach “seems” like it will under better control.

I know many don’t like it, but I find his “I’m taking a shit in my pants” facial expression during posing awesome.

Cedric is my pick, but I doubt he’ll win. Top 6 for sure if he comes in shredded and full.
Plus, he has tons of charisma, grace, and a fantastic sense of humor (not that any of these things determines the winner).

I’d like to see Dallas in the top 6 as well. That kid is doing it right!

that’s a good shout. He’s looking enormous these days. Maybe not this year, but in years to come he’s going to do some damage.

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One month out and Dallas is the real deal!!!

Lots of pics around the place so time for top 6 predictions!! Closest to the pin gets the admiration of some guys on the internet.

  1. Phil Heath (will bring his best IMO so no one will touch him)
  2. Dallas McCarver (280+ with a huge back and striated glutes begins the Dallas era IMO)
  3. Dexter Jackson (is huge and will bring his trademark conditioning)
  4. Shawn Rowden (Doesn’t look to have made progress on last year and the field has moved on)
  5. Roelly Winklaar (Looks incredible in his pics and could go as high as 2 but always has a tendency to not live up to the photos so I’m going to remain sceptical and hope to be proven wrong)
  6. Big Ramy (hopefully the kick in the arse he needs)

Assuming a Kai Greene no show again.

I presume a gentleman’s agreement has been reached where Levrone gets a top 6 place as long he comes in 80+% of his best/very good conditioning.


Number 4 is the traditional spot for the legend who shouldn’t really be competing again LOL

I am going to assume no shenanigans… probably a mistake

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Dexter looked amazing at the NYP. I think people tend to forgot just how damn good he is.




Dude is one of my all time favorite looks.

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No mention of Justin Compton? dude is a freak, top 3 book it!!