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Mr. Olympia 2011


I know it's kinda early but a few have mentioned not having an Olympia thread yet so I decided to make this one. Post whatever you like within relevance.


I guess since Evan is not competeting, Go Cutler again. Come on Sandow #5!!!!


I'd personally like to see Phil win one...Kai will be going into it with momentum and obviously Cutler still will bring it.

I really like Branch as well, but I don't think that he will be able to cut it if Cutler, Kai, and Heath all bring their best (or any one of the three).


Phil definitely has the potential to win this year but I feel that depends vastly on what Kai comes in as as I agree with you that Cutler will be on again this year.


I would like to see Phil nail one down also.

I am starting to like Branch more and more also... Not sure why, but I am.


Big Will Harris is on his way.........


thoughts on 202?


Is there any competition really for Kevin English? lol I'm just kidding David Henry and Jose Raymond...


Everyone counts out Branch, including myself, but he showed up looking pretty damn good last year and better than I expected. He seems to have a knack for making improvements and kind of coming out of nowhere

Again, I don't exactly think he will win, but I wouldn't be surprised to be surprised lol. Would like to see him or Kai win.


Branch did take most muscular and 1st at the Arnold this year, but after watching Kai completely bomb Mr. Olympia after winning the Arnold, my money is on Heath.

Last year at the Olympia when I watched live in person, I thought Heath got robbed, but looking at the pictures afterwords it looked like Cutler was the obvious choice.

None the less, I think Phil takes it this year.


I am pretty sure David Henry won't be competing this year. His is off in the AF this year. Plans on getting back for next year though I think.

My thoughts are the exact same as Ebomb. I would love it if Branch could win, but honestly don't see it happening. Out of the front runners getting the hype (Jay, Phil, Kai), I am definitely rooting for Phil.


Why isn't Evan competing? He's insane. I never really followed the pro BB scene, what's a good site or place to get all the essential info? (Don't laugh at me!) PS what does Evan weigh offseason vs. on stage? I saw that video he did on MD where he talked about his diet and he looked big but lean. Some serious mass though.


Evan stated that he's taking a year off to focus on his family (new kid), but think about it, everytime he took a year off and people bitched and whined, he'd come back with noticeable improvements. Besides, as much as I like Evan, I doubt he can stand toe to toe with guys like Jay and Phil yet (yet!)



My bets are on Cutler, Kai or maybe Branch.


If jay comes in condition he will retain the crown, simple as that. He is too wide.

kai coming in condition gets him top 3.

Since phil has taken a whole year off, he could be a wild card.

He beat jay in the prejuding last year and the finals was a toss up(I still had phil winning).

Branch and Dexter are two guys that could possibly win it, if everyone else is off. Branch capitalized on that in 09 and dexter in 08.

I think it was a good call that roelly sit this one out. He NEEDS to take time off, he could be a future mr o. He just needs to come in like he did at the 2010 ny pro, not the 2011 ny pro.

Evan also needs to work on stage presence, posing and tan before he steps onto the O stage. His success this year has been due to most people coming in off. It's been a pretty shitty season.

in 202 I hope marvin ward places top 5


I like branch more and more, he is definitely improving but don't think he can get number one if any one of kai, phil or jay come in with good condition. I think his short arms (among other things) make his physique look unbalanced next to the other three.


This is pretty much my thoughts.
Dont mind Jay, I would love to see kai or phil win though!


For those who havn't seen it, Kai at the NY pro.

Rockel is looking great too but I doubt he will improve on last years placing.


Ok, so what do we think of Victor Martinez. I know he is probably not a contender for the top spot but I'm a fan of his.
I thought his Arnold showing was a bit disappointing. Looks like he has brought up his legs a bit but his waist got bigger too and his conditioning once again could not compete with the likes of branch. The fact that oscar is coaching him for the O doesn't make me super confident that he will come in with better conditioning for the big show.


^ I'm a fan of Victor too but I just don't see him bringing anything special to the Olympia. I would love for him to prove me wrong but that's just how I feel.