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 I know there are some of you T-mag readers that follow the IFBB.  For those of you who do, I would like to see some predictions for the upcoming Mr. Olympia this October in Vegas.  Will there be a new Mr. O this year?  Will Lee Priest crack the top 6 like he should?  Thanks for your input!

Baring any unusual or surprising developements, Colemen will probably win again. As for Lee Priest, he deserves better, but will finish in the lower half of the top ten. Perhaps seventh. His height and lack of political skills will continue to keep him down.

I think Ronnie Coleman is totally gonna win. We had enough to win last year, and I saw him at a gnc during an autograph session… The guy has somehow managed to get even bigger:) SO definatly look for him in the top… ONE!
As for the priest, i totally agree that he gets screwed and it has nothing to do with his attitude…many of the loud mouths do well…and with Lee hes not a loud mouth, he actually has reason to complain…He deserves to place higher, but unfortunatly, those damn judges dont know what theyre doing…so hell probably get cheated…AGAIN

I wish Flex or Cormier would win.  They have a much more symmetrical look to them.  Ronnies chest doesn't match his upper body.