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Mr. O Fitness Expo

I attended the Mr. O Fitness Expo in Vegas today (Friday). Most of the big supplement companies were there, with booths staffed by fitness babes with fake boobs, female bodybuilders who are even scarier in person, and past and present pro bodybuilders. I gorged myself on samples of protein bars, shakes, and workout drinks while ogling the spokesmodels. I spent lots of time at the Met-Rx booth, where the girls were dressed like naughty schoolgirls. One stood on a platform pouring Met-Rx RTD through an ice sculpture. Standing below waiting for the Met-Rx to flow into your cup gave you a perfect vantage point to look up her skirt. I posted a picture of fitness competitor Susie Curry in the photo forum.

Most of the supplement companies cut up their bars or had sample bars for you to try. A notable exception was the Max Muscle booth. They had a U shaped booth on the end of a row. The reps worked the sides of the U, while the base of the U contained boxes of Grow! bars open for sampling. The rep said Max Muscle would soon be carrying the complete Biotest line. Since the reps weren't watching the Grow! bars, hungry bodybuilders were helping themselves. I saw one guy grab a entire box. I exercised self restraint and only took 5 PB bars.

I got there early around 9:45. It was easy to move around, and you could talk to the bodybuilders or get an autograph without waiting. By noon it was getting difficult to walk without encountering a traffic jam, so I left at 1:00. I can't wait to go to the Arnold!