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Mr & Mrs Cake


Well.. for those of you who know.. it's finally happened! Cupcake & I just got married! I met Cuppers through T-Mag almost 2 years ago! He in Canada, me in Australia! We have seen good times and bad times and have sometimes struggled through this journey but in June last year Cuppers finally landed in Australia and we started our new life together and tied the knot last Friday night!! A few pics to follow!! (I just need to re-size them!!)


No more "chester_blu" I am now offically Mrs.Cake!!!


CON-FRIGGIN-GRAT you, you, you couple of Fruit cakes. Cant wait to see the pics.

Im sure you two will be happy.

I will always remember the coffee cupcake sent my mother a few years back when she was first diagnosed with cancer. Thanks bro.

It so damn cool you all met on here and then made it happen.

Just wanted to give my congrats and such.



Jeffrey, me and my baby girl!


My gorgeous baby girl and me!


An even bigger congratulations for the decision to settle in Australia rather than Canada.

However, as you can see from my avatar I love snowboarding so I would love to live in Canada, but I love Australia too. Can you please adopt me so that I can have family in both Australia and Canada? Please?


Congratulations! It's always good to see two good people find happiness together -- and you two managed to make it work transcontinentally.

"There is nothing nobler or more admirable than when two people who see eye to eye keep house as man and wife, confounding
their enemies and delighting their friends."

-Homer, from "The Odyssey"


Fabulous! Congratulations.
Your family looks healthy and beautiful.

..And a wild story, on top of it all.


Congratulations, you two! I've been waiting for this announcement since I heard of the possibility in a PM months ago from these guys.

That's super!


Congratulations, Mr.& Mrs. Cake! What a great story, finding true love on T-Nation and now tying the knot.


Mrs. Cake is really hot! Can we get more pics?


Congrats to you!


Congrats and welcome to the board as Mrs. Cake.

by the way you are looking good.


Dude cruise threads where "chester_blu" made comments and you'll come accross some killer pics.


Congratulations to the both of you, very cool! And everyone knows I don't advocate marriage.

MikeShank and evrybody else interested, search for posts by chester_blu or Cupcake to see some hot pics of the blushing bride :slight_smile:



I don't blush.. :slight_smile:

But yes there are some cracker pics on here if you want to find them! Bigger and better in 2006, eh!





Umm.. shouldn't we get free shirts or something! Think of it as the Bodybuilding's Think Tank's wedding gift! Ha!



I'm very excited for you two! Congrats on making it work despite distance, that speaks volumes about your future together. :slightly_smiling:



What a great story!

May you only find Joy in your life together!

(Cupcake...you LUCKY dog, you!)




So that's why they both were so silent ... :slight_smile:

Congrats to both of you!