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Mr. Michigan Joe Romine

I recently moved to Brighton, Michigan and I got a membership at the local Powerhouse. My first time in there I saw this guy and was like, “damn, this guy is fucking huge.” i noticed a banner on the wall saying “home of 2007 Mr. Michigan - Joe Romine.” I went home and did a little research and found a bunch of articles on the guy and it happened to be the guy at the gym I saw. The dude is a beast.

Sorry for plugging this guy, but i entered his name in the search engine and found nothing. i just thought it was pretty cool…here’s some video/interview/training at musculardevelopment site:


and his site:


his wife works out there too, she’s a fitness model and does shows as well.

worthless post without pics.




very nice physique and very good conditioning in those pictures. He looks very hard.

wow no homo

Phenomenal chest development.

No surprise there, all you damn eastsiders… You get all the cool shit.

Except Lake Michigan! :wink: