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Mr.Miagi Renegade

I just went for a little training session at the beach and you’ll never believe what I saw. It was Coach Davies in his standard atire, beanie and board shorts, doing handstands and crows or cranes or whatever. Dude was pushin energy all over the place. Me and my buddy just watched from about 50 ft and he never even saw us. I think he was controlling the waves or something, whatever he was doing he was not on your standard level of consciousness. When he was done we rolled up on him and asked him what the hell that was and he said he was researching for the Xtreme games and some big wave surfers. He is gonna have people in every sport you ever thought of all ripped up and indestructable. Just think how radical the X games would be if those guys were Renegade trained.

Man… that was funny but at the same time… I’m imagining renegade lumberjack training… renegade cheerleader competitions… even renegade frisbee.

I think soon after his book comes out alot of the x games guys will start to live the code. That will be awsome. Coach Davies is the man. I wish he was my dad.

buhahahha “controlling the waves or something”: AH AH, you are correct sir, YES. (Ed McMahon)

You know when you see and old asian lady in the park doing some crazy tai chi, yeah what he was doing was kind of like that but way different at the same time. as for different sports, I thought I was a Renegade Lumber jack. ahhahaha. My neighbors think I’m obsessed with fire wood. Uh. Which brings up a good point, I should not be calling anyone crazy. Crazy is as crazy does. If it means W’s on the field, hell I’ll do it. I just got the damn tumbling drills to a point I never thought I would and now I see Coach doing this stuff.

Renegade training could make water ballet more interesting.

As an ex-skateboarder I am a big fan of the X-Games and “Xtreme” sports. I was watching the past XGames thinking, I bet the only training these guys ever do is going out and doing their thing. I can only imagine how could these guys could be if they trained like an athlete.

That dude is onto something ya know. His radical approach is the answer to years of bullshit. It is not always the man who invented the wheel who is remembered, but the man who improved it.

I think you for those interested in X-sports, you will find some of the Renegade Training approachs to be published in my upcoming book the vehicle to take athletes of this genre to the next level. In faith, Coach Davies

I go to the X Games every year and right now Coach is training me for my return to BMX racing… watch out everyone else! Anyway, it is obvious who trains and who doesn’t. Guys like Dave Mirra and Jay Miron simply go higher and bigger than anyone else in the game. If you can get an extra foot or two off a jump or vert ramp, that leaves a lot more time to pull a trick. Impressive stuff.