Mr. intensity 2012

I’ll bet Nards knows this dude.

lol. Seems likely.

That is me.

I just put pics of a ruggedly handsome, well-devolped muscle man in my hub to look cool.


looking shredded nards.

Why didn’t you just post this in demotivational instead?

never thought of it. i’ll do that then see if i can delete this one.

edit: nope can’t delete it.

I want this thread with MY video to stay open…alright?

And lookng at my pipes (more like pipe cleaners) reminds me to pick up dental floss.

i don’t get it…

[quote]cstratton2 wrote:
i don’t get it…[/quote]

No one does.

Just play along.

I thought this was by Frank at first.

[quote]Fuzzyapple wrote:
I thought this was by Frank at first.[/quote]

If it were, THAT poor SOB lost a LOT of size.

in 4 da ride