Mr. Goldfinger

Gold Rally Fills Vaults With Bullion as Bank Stimulus Increases
By Pham-Duy Nguyen and Nicholas Larkin

Jan. 30 (Bloomberg) – The same unprecedented steps that central bankers are taking to rescue the banking system are driving investors to gold, the commodity investors buy when they lose confidence in financial assets.

David Einhorn, manager of the $5.1 billion Greenlight Capital Inc. hedge fund, bought gold for the first time. Steven Lehman, the Federated Investors Inc. fund manager who beat 99 percent of his peers last year, is betting on bullion with Toronto-based Yamana Gold Inc. and Goldcorp Inc.

The combination of central banks spending trillions of dollars to prop up the banking system in the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression will cause gold to appreciate at least 17 percent this year from $882.05 an ounce on Dec. 31, surpassing the record of $1,032.70 in London, according to 16 of 24 analysts surveyed by the London Bullion Market Association. The metal traded at $909.10 yesterday."