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Mr. Berardi : Massive diet/nandrosol

Hey, i need help. Maybe JB, the writer of the massive diet article can help me.
I am on the diet and am using nandrosol right now. Next week will be my 2nd week of the cycle. I currently follow the 30/40/30 ratio at 3500 cals. Once i finish the nandrosol cycle, should i be at 3500 for 4 weeks (off nandrosol) or should i cut back caloric level?
And what happened to the nutrient ratios?
Should i keep it the same?
I read a post by Bill Roberts saying that while on androgens, you may benefit by more carbs and protein with less fat JB: What do you think of this ?
Thank’s again to all and JB

i hope this will appear in the front page