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Mr. and Mrs. Say Journey to NYC


So me and She Say are packing up and driving to NYC in a few weeks. We're going to leave from Wash. DC on Monday morning and go see Les Paul at The Irridium Jazz Club Monday night. Besides that, we got no plans except lots of hotel sex.

Anyone have any suggestions?

Also, we're thinking about leaving Tuesday morning and going to stay at either Cape May, NJ or some other place, either beachy, or something else cool. Any suggestions?

The kids are going to be at camp all week.


you know, you could have just PM'd all of T-Nation instead of making this post :wink:


some good food might help after/before/during all the hotel fun. I used to live on 33rd St/Lex and would eat at the Pump almost daily, still miss their food 2+ years later. http://www.pumpenergyfood.com/menus/Pump_50-55Menu.pdf









One night for dinner, go to Da Tommaso's at 903 8th Ave between 53rd and 54th. It ain't hugely expensive and the food kicks ass, and it's pretty much your "Scenes From an Italian Restaurant" type place. I used to see Jerry Orbach from Law and Order in there all the time, he dug the place.

There's also a French place right around there that has awesome ice cream. I think it had a yellow sign, and was a long low building, but I can't remember the name. Little expensive, but the desserts kick ass.

If you want to get a beer, go to this place called "The Playwright" on 49th between Broadway and Seventh. I think there's one more downtown more, but either one you go to kicks ass. Burgers, corned beef, potatoes, a great bar in the bottom and everyone there is off the boat Irish. Not expensive either, and a nice place to go hang out.

If you stay around midtown, there's a shitload of Irish bars like Scruffy Duffy's that all have good beers and solid food.

There's also a cool place called Big Nick's Burger and Pizza Joint. It's on 2175 Broadway around West 77th. It's small, and the food is really fuckin good.

If you get a chance, cross the river and come to Hoboken. There's a ton of great restaurants and a shit ton of bars on Washington Street, a ferry ride away.

Go to the Natural History Museum on Central Park West & W 77th St. It's incredible, and you can spend days in there.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art is pretty fuckin incredible too, it's on 1000 5th Avenue.

I was always fond of seeing the Intrepid aircraft carrier, which is moored on the West Side at 46th street.

South Street Seaport is great to go to, ESPECIALLY during the summer time. Get the New england clam chowder there.

Go to the White Horse Tavern at 567 Hudson Street- the poet Dylan Thomas got drunk there all the time, and they say he haunts the place.

Go to McSorley's Tavern on 15 East 7th St - established in 1854, it's where the beer "McSorley's" is made (the only ale I like) and there's sawdust on the floor.

The biggest Toys R' Us in the fuckin world is in Times Square... it's an amazing place.

I'm rambling now. But there's so goddamned much in New York that I can't even start. Let me know if you need some other places.


I thought about that, but Professor X told me never to pm him after the last time and I specifically wanted his advice on what I should do in New York.


I will, but I won't pm you. I plan on starting a new thread titled, "New in New York Citystry" and asking you what's new in New York City. Lots of people will be interested.


Haha. Make sure you call it "The Shore." If you say the beach or the coast, people will give you strange looks and probably wrong directions.

Cape May is beautiful but it's far- a good 4 hours from NYC depending on how bad the traffic on the parkway is. Stay away from Belmar and Seaside Heights. Go to Point Pleasant, Ocean City, Lavalette.

In Point Pleasant, there's a place called Jenkinson's where they have bands playing all the time and the bar is on the beach... you pretty much sit on the beach, get drunk, and listen to kickass rock and roll all day.

It's pretty much my definition of heaven.



Man I've spent so much time in that damn city... but it is the greatest place in the world as far as I'm concerned.


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I'll keep track of this thread since I'm going to NYC too. Leaving on Sunday and returning on Thursday. I bought some Broadway tickets to Phantom of the Opera and that is the only thing I have planed so far. Anyone know if it is true they only sell a certain amount of tickets per day in order to get into the Statue of Liberty?


and pictures or it didn't happen


I have never heard that...

They are opening up the crown soon, and I know you have to but tickets waaaaayyyyy in advance for that... but as far as just the statue I don't know.

If I can help you out at all with limited knowledge of what's good in the city, let me know man.


Go to the Frick Museum.
(I say that to everyone going to New York, and I mean it. It's really a jewel, and it's never crowded, and your nose can be literally three inches from a Holbein.)

You can kayak on the river for free.


The statue of liberty is pretty pointless. If you want to go, just to say you've been there, that's fine. But it's really nothing exciting. JMO of course


The Statue of Liberty is different when you live in the area.

It's kind of like the Empire State Building- I've never been in it, because when you grow up next to it it's not really a big deal. It's just a really tall office building... the GW Bridge is the same way. People look at it as a landmark, I look at it as something I fuckin hate because of the traffic and avoid like the plague.

Different perspectives.

On that subject, though, Ellis Island is pretty cool too.


pick up a TIME OUT NEW YORK magazine for what's going on all over the city. it is a weekly that comes out thursdays. it lists museums, restaurants (with price range), plays, shows and it gives addresses, phone numbers, how to get there by train. train maps are free. ask for one from the transit worker in the booth in the station. the schedules sometimes change on weekends due to construction. five points restaurant is a good place to eat. casual dress awesome food on a seasonal menu. carolines comedy club is nice. louis c. k. is going to be there at the end of the month. this is burlesque is a good burlesque show, if you like burlesque. you can go on line to timeoutnewyork.com ahead of time to research, if you want.


Take the Staten Island Ferry from Battery Park and back. Utterly fantastic views of the harbor, and it's free. Under no circumstances should you actually get off in Staten Island.

Times Square, Soho and Chinatown are worth spending a few hours in just to take in the sights, even if you have no particular plans. Don't eat in Times Square proper though if you can avoid it, but go a few blocks west and north, around 49th and 9th avenue - excellent, trendy cheap food.

Picnic in Central Park, walk down the Mall, rent a rowboat in the pond. Bikes are also a great way to see the Park, though the Midtown bike rental guys are ripoffs. Don't get a carriage ride unless your wallet is bursting.

The West 20s are full of private art galleries that are much more intimate than the uptown museums, and show more eclectic stuff.

Your wife (and you) will find that 57th Street and Fifth Avenue are the best places in the world to window-shop.

For the ambiance, I'd go to Coney Island over the Jersey Shore. For sheer beach-itude, Jones Beach in Long Island is hard to beat.