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MPRs/Protein Powders with water

What MPRs and protein powders do you guys like with water?

Biotest Grow! hands down. Maybe Myoplex, but Grow! is better by far.

I like thick MRP shakes. I currently use GROW! since it’s got everything: taste, aspartame free, hydrogenated oils free and mixes thick. As for Whey, I like Cytodyne’s CytoPro; great quality, no aspartame, and 80% pure isolate. Good stuff.

Toss up here between Grow! and Myoplex. Met-Rx white chocolate mocha is killer too. (Please Biotest make strawberry flavored Grow!)Favorite protein, ProBlend-55 vanilla. Haven’t had Advanced Protein yet, but have been reading great comments by people on this site.

Definitely GROW! Its got to be the best tasting on the market. Any other high quality mrp is going to work the same, but I look forward to drinking GROW!

so since milk causes an insulin spike does that mean that I should not mix my bed-time shake with milk? I thought it was good because it would slow absorbtion.