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Hi All,

I was just wondering what your oppinions are on this?

I'm looking to gain some mass and I found this on the net.

Here are the Nutritional Facts of the pills, that should help:

Supplement Facts:
Serving Size 3 tabs
Servings Per Container 56
Amount Per Serving % DV
Magnesium as magnesium oxide 15mg
Zinc as zinc aspartate 25mg
Copper as copper gluconate 2mg
Five Phase Hormone Optimizing Blend:

Tribulus terrestris (standardized to 40% furastanol saponins), Fenugreek 4:1 extract (seed), tongkat ali 20:1 extract (root) (Eurycoma longifolia Jack), red clover extract (40% isoflavones), Chrysin, Kudzu root (Pueraria lobota) (40% isoflavones),

DIM (diindolymethane), Avena sativa 10:1 extract (aerial parts), zinc (as zinc aspartate), Pygeum africanum extract (25% total sterol) (bark), stinging nettle leaf 4:1 extract, beta siterol, saw palmetto berry extract (90% total sterols & free fatty acids), Bioperine® (black pepper extract) 903mg

2nd Messenger Hormone Amplifiers

Receptor Signal Transduction:
Flaxseed [fatty acid profile (linolenic 8.0%, linoleic 2.5%, oleic 2.5%)], glycine, L-arginine, magnesium oxide, dipotassium phosphate, DL-malic acid, L-methionine, cordyceps (Cordyceps sinensis), NADH 625mg


Assorted herbs and spices.

Not steroids and will not do much if anything.


Ok, so now I'm really confused... Because I did look up the Ingredients and they are pretty much just herbs...

But I also just typed in MPH T-Bomb II into google, and got a bunch of pages of "supplement reviews"....and it got really good reviews everywhere.

I mean out of hundreds and hundreds of little personal reviews. Everyone is saying that they're getting much stronger and bigger.


...Could all these people just be under a placebo effect?


Possibly. The human mind is wonderful wonderful thing. :slight_smile:


placebo effect + newbie gains + sales reps.

There are no drugs in it, but you can grow with just food and weights...

You dont need drugs to grow, plenty of people make plenty of gains without them.


Belongs in the supp forum bro - if you can get it cheap, give it a crack otherwise theres better OTC test boosters out there.


The origonal t-bomb was methyl 1 testosterone and you would see great gains from that stuff even more so if it was your first time "on" something, but unfortunatly that stuff is no longer legal in the usa. If you look around you can find it online and have it shipped to you but if you do something like that "and im not saying you should!" you would be better off getting real aas.

If you dont want to spend alot of money than get some Prohormones, Like I said if its your first time you will probably see good gains. Try m-drol "superdrol clone" Or decabolan "superdrol-halodrol clone"
T-bomb 2 is useless your better off buying steaks!


Well shit... I already ordered it...

But good news is I found M-Drol and H-Drol for cheap. (29.99)

Could anyone tell me the difference between them?

Also, I read the "All you need to know about Prohormones" post, and realized that if I were to take H-drol or M-drol, I would need a PCT type-of-thing.

Since I already (unfortunately) ordered the T-Bomb II, would that be a sufficient PCT, because from what I gathered, its supposed to make YOUR balls make more test... or at least stimulate them (that's what Tribulus terrestris, an ingridient, does)

And, if not....have I wasted my money, or can I still take the T-Bomb along with M/H-Drol?


damn tasty on some chicken though, and the chicken will make you grow.


If you read the PH sticky you'd understand that there is no OTC product that is suitable for PCT. Re-read the thread.
I'm pretty sure you could take the tbomb but do not rely on it as the sole source of PCT


K, thanks...I did kinda skim through it...I'll go back and re-read...