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How can I tell if I have the genetic predisposition for male pattern baldness.

Well,if your mom’s hair is thin(I hope you realize that even "women can be bald not in the same way as men,they do not lose as much hair,no receding hairline etc), then you definitely have predisposition…that is one of the few things I learned in my genetics course. If she does not or is too young for you to tell for sure, then you just have to wait and see. I don’t know if you could have some lab tests done, though it should not be all that hard.

My mom’s hair is great but my grandfather on my mom’s side is a fucking que ball.

I was thinking about this this weekend after noticing way to much hair of mine on my girlfriend’s pillow. Ahh! Anyways, genetic baldness is(as far as I know) a sex linked trait. That is, it is carried on the X chromosome. MPB is a recessive trait, by the way, so females(with two X chromosomes) won’t show it(unless both have the MPB gene). Don’t look to your fathers side for baldness because there is no way you can get X chromosomes from that side. You took on one of your mother’s X’s(males have x and y chromosomes). If your father’s mother is bald, she had that tainted X chromosome, and you have a 50% chance of carrying it. If your mother’s mother’s father was bald(as mine was!) your grandmother would carry the tainted X 'some, your mother would have a 50% chance of carrying it, and through a little math, you have a 25% chance of carrying it. If you have a brother that is bald, it means your mother did carry it, and that you have a 50% chance of being prone to MPB. I hope that made sense.

Typo there: if your MOTHER’S FATHER is bald, then you have a 50/50 chance of carrying the MPB gene on your X chromosome.

I don’t think it matters which side of the family it is on. You can inherit MPB from either your father or your mother. When you start losing your hair, you’ll know you were predispositioned to do so.

Well my brother’s hair and mine are both starting to recide (sp) just like our old man’s. No bald spot in the back which is good, but I look like a dumbass with a shaved head, may have to go back to the ole flat top. Chicks come to expect baldness on older men just as being overweight.

Nate’s got it right…end of story.

I am about to start my all test no bullshit cycle and I have all the sides covered sept the baldness issue. I don’t plan on covering the baldness issue ether. I want to see if I will actually loose hair while on test before I go ape shit over nizoral and propecia.

My question is if I will lose hair when will it start? Also, if I start shedding should I start the Propecia and Nizoral and continue my cycle or should I stop and just continue the Propecia and Nizoral?

Thanks Jared

Tate, You say you have all sides covered with respect to your Test cycle? How about protecting your prostate? I’d still use that Propecia if I were you… Who cares about some hair loss if you cant piss…

Travis, I have heard your argument before(not from you but from others) but I just can’t buy it. My hair has been receding since I was 18(I’m 21) and it is still receding even though I have been taking propecia for 2 years now. My mom’s dad died with a full head of hair. She has thick hair and none of her brothers are bald. However, my dad went bald by the time he was in his mid-twenties. And his mother’s father also died with a full head of hair. In addition, both of my dad’s brothers are bald. I hope you can follow that b/c I know it may be tough. But I just need to know where you have heard that MPB is a sex-linked trait and dependent on the female? Thanks.