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MP4 Format to Quicktime or AVI?

LIttle question guys… I have a program called Cucusoft Ipod Video Converter. It has enabled me in the past to take any AVI or Quicktime files and make them playable on my IPOD. My issue at the moment, is that having recently ripped a DVD to my desktop, it comes through in several different files (6 to be exact).

I wanted to edit them together in Adobe premiere, but because they are MP4 formats, I cannot import them. The Cucosoft converter only converts TO MP4s, not FROM. Is there any free software out there that will allow me to reverse this procedure?



That might help. I’ve never used it as I have never had the need to convert any of my files to AVI but the reviews seem decent.

It may be easier to copy the VOB files from the DVD directly (without ripping it), rename them as “.mpg” and drop them into Premiere from there.

If you have an issue with the audio, you will need to separate it from the VOB files (remux) - either try VOB2MPG or google “removing audio from a VOB file”.

I think the files in question were DLable only in MP4 format, so I never had them on a DVD to begin with… (damn! -lol)