Mp3 / Video Player

I need one. Suggestions? The more storage/bigger the screen the better.

I got an iRiver Clix 2 - for mp3s it’s excellent especially becuase it’s drag and drop.

You want a larger screen, I’d consider something like this:

video is a must as well.

[quote]Split wrote:
video is a must as well.[/quote]

The iriver PMC-100 series plays your movies, TV shows, music, photos and more. It features the ultra-intuitive Microsoft�?® Media Center interface and connects seamlessly to Windows Media Player. Plus, it comes complete with a large and vivid color display, integrated speaker, 20GB/40GB of internal storage and a removable rechargeable battery.

I suggest this purely because I’m not a fan of Apple products, but hey you could check those out too.

Have a look on cnet at some reviews on what they can recommend.

I just upgraded from a Dell DJ (ran out of room and support) to an Apple iPod Classic (80 gig, video, good support).

I’m very impressed.

I-Pod classic or Nano definitely worth it.

You should… umm… buy… umm… I’m sorry, but who is the woman in your avatar?

[quote]Split wrote:
I need one. Suggestions? The more storage/bigger the screen the better. [/quote]

Along with the iPods, which are great, you should consider a Zune. Great capacity (80 gigs) and awesome video screen, larger than the iPod classic. Along with podcast support, wireless sync, and FM radio.

I would highly recommend the Sansa e200 series for music. Interface is basically like an ipod but it’s less expensive. You can also download video to it, but the screen is small (1.8 inches) and can’t imagine watch lots of video on it.

The key advantage is that for ~$15 per month you can have access to the Rhapsody Music to Go Service. It allows you to have unlimited music downloading from their library to your device at CD quality bit rates. I figure that I probably buy 1 cd per month which is ~$15. So, for that amount of money I can either have one cd (which i’ll be bored of in a few days) or access to a massive library.

Also, their software is excellent for finding bands that you would have never heard of otherwise. They also have an online community for subscribers that allow people to make play lists out of any music in the data base and upload those for sharing. They are rated by other members in the community and available to all for download. Great to grab a list with a few bands you like to find others with a similar taste in music. The service also has all of the standard d/l audio streams, etc.

One note–I’m not a music connoisseur and typically get tired of listening to a particular group after a few spins of the CD so this setup is skewed for that taste.

Archos GEN 5 (605)

It has a large screen. It comes with a DVR that can be plugged into the TV and used to bean movies and shows to the player.

It can play mp3s and movies.

It has 160 gigs.

It is awesome.