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MP3 Tunes While Training....



Unfortunately (at least for a short time), I'll be returning to the commerical gym scene to get my training in. Needless to say, the droning sounds of Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera I'll be forced to listen to WILL NOT inspire me to lift heavier weights!

For those of you who have MP3 players, which kind do you have? Also, how do you attach them when you are doing ex's like squats and pulls, especially when wearing a belt? I like to go to my own special place while doing these exercises, so my own music is a must. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Stay strong


Creative Labs MuVo

  • cheap
  • very small
  • easy to use
  • has fm radio


One more thing. It comes with a clip that can be attached to pretty much anything. You can attach it directly to the loop of the belt with no problem.



I have a first generation iPod (yeah, the huge clunker!). Even though it's a bit on the bigger side, I've never really ran into a problem with it. I just picked up a set of headphones with along enough cord and stick it in my pocket (although this does limit what one wears).

Everything seems to stay pretty much out of my way. There have been a few times where the cord has gotten caught and ripped the phones right out.

I have seen a few people with the new iPod Minis and Shuffles; these seem a lot more portable and easier to put in other locations (ie strapped to your arm).

Anyways, good to hear you're gettin' back in the gym. I'm guessin that means your knee's healing well!





I use a 4th gen iPod. I have a arm strap from extreme mac that works pretty well. I think the key is to be able to put it on differnt spots of your body. Some movements are conducive to having it on your arm and some on your belt, etc.

I'd recommend the iPod Shuffle. They have an arm band, plus a necklace, and it's small enough you could just stick it in your pocket or waistband w/o a clip. I haven't actually used one, but I hear good things (I'm waiting for the second gen which is supposedly coming soon).

One more point is that the headphone cord can get in the way. If it's in front, it will get caught on presses, so you'll need something that can run off your back and stay in your ears; point being that ear buds may not be the best choice here.


I wear mine just slightly behind on the right side of my waist.

The cord for the earphone goes down the front of my shirt to make sure it can't catch on anything.

The only time I pay attention to either is during back squats or front squats.

The back squats can cause the player to either pop off or get squeezed at the bottom -- positioning is vital. The front squats catch the cord, so I point my chin up a bit before placing the bar.

Crank it!


Get an Ipod mini. I clip it to the loop of my belt.


Hi Mike

I have an ipod that works really well for me. I keep the ipod in my pocket and run the cord under my tshirt so that it doesn't catch on anything. As long as you keep a bit of slack under the shirt then you can wear a tight belt. Then I crank up the music full blast and I can't hear a thing! :wink:


IRiver, small, cheap, holds eight hours of music and got a good rating at Consumer Reports.



I sweat too profusely to use electronics when lifting, but I bought two of the mini Ipods for Christmas presents last year. They have received rave reviews by both persons whom are avid gymrats.

I advise purchase at Best Buy and getting the extended warranty - I usually avoid these scams, but not in this case - it covers battery replacement! Battery replacement (rechargeable) is inevitable and runs ~$100, so the ~$50 warranty is well worth it.



I've tried all types of MP3 players... what did I get? An ipod mini.

Realistically, I'm not gonna use more than 4GB. I only keep good music on my ipod, and I'm only using 2.5GB. That adresses the size issue.

Ipod minis are quite compact. You can clip them to things, use bands on your arms, etc. They can go almost anywhere. Portability sorted.

The navigation. It's REALLY easy - even my dad could use one, and thats really saying something. They just feel so right and easy to use.

The battery life is also great. I've pumped 16 hours out of mine, just about, on a regular basis - of constant playing - despite it only having an official 12 hour battery life.

If I lost my ipod, I'd probably die. End of.


Yeah yeah, I drop mine and abuse it all the time. I have a 4GB mini that I use in the gym and when I pull the sled. I also have a 30GB color that I use as my stereo system. Apple is the shit.


I go ghetto style, I have a Sony Discman and I just use MP3 cds with it, my cord is too short but just a longer cord would work fine. I am looking at sony MP3 players, some are very nice see pic below!


If you are just going to use it at the gym, the iPods are overkill with their gigabytes of storage (and higher pricetags). I got a SanDisk Sansa with 512Meg. It holds only about 150 songs and also has an FM radio and arm strap. I usually run the headphone cord up my sleeve and out through my collar. The only place I use it is the gym or when I go do cardio somewhere outside, so I never even need 1/2 the space on it. It is expandable via SD cards to 2Gig if you wanted to store your collection on it.


I dropped my old Ipod and it broke. I'm not using my new one for training BUT soon the new cordless earphones for the IPod will come out. Then you can put your Ipod down on a bench or something, as long as it's within a few metres of yourself. That will be sweet.


I love my iPod Shuffle. Works great in the gym as well as for running.


I use Lyra mp3 player. It's small and it comes with a clip or an arm band. I use the clip and put it on my shorts. Also. put the cord under your shirt so that it is next your skin. This stops it from getting caught.



Any idea when cordless headphones will be out? That sounds like the best option, just not sure when it'll happen. Thanks!

Stay strong


No mp3 needed. The voices in my head keep me very entertained and motivated. They scream when they hear Britney of Christina.