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MP3 Recovery Mode

I need to do a firmware update for my MP3 player. In the instructions it says it must be done in recovery mode but doesn’t explain how the hell I get into recovery mode? anyone have any idea?

Does your MP3 player have a brand and model?

It’s an IAUDIO U2 by Cowon.

By who? :wink:

Have you gone to their website and explored their technical support?

why do you NEED to do an upgrade? if it worked for your music when you got it, it should still be working. It sounds like you WANT to do an upgrade, in which case, I’ve come to realize that when you upgrade the stuff like that in an electronics device it either :

A) makes it way more better
B) fucks it up forever

you may want to decide if it’s something you actually NEED or just a gimicky thing you want to do…

speaking of this, I should check out iRiver’s sight and see if I can upgrade my MP3 player’s fw… damn this AD crash, I’m tired.

Just as a side note. Unless the firmware update actually fixes something that you specifically need fixed it’s normally recommended that you do not do the update.