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MP3 Players

I just bought these headphones. They have a great sound and they wont slip out since they go in the ear canal rather sitting in the opening. They are a good alternative to the $100-$500 ones of this style. http://www.sonystyle.com/is-bin/INTERSHOP.enfinity/eCS/Store/en/-/USD/SY_DisplayProductInformation-Start?ProductSKU=MDREX71SL%2FWK&Dept=audio&CategoryName=pa_Headphones_FontopiaEarbud


Thanks for the info. I appreciate it.

What brand of MP3 player do you recommend that plays 200-500 songs and doesn’t cost an arm and a leg?

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DT20 wrote:
I was real excited when I saw somoeone playing their Ipod in the car.

What other brands of MP3 player can one play in the car?

I am looking for something that isn’t as expensive as the Ipod. Thanks for any replies.

Any brand that has a line out. You buy the Belkin Tunecast II, which allows you to broadcast your music to an FM station, and then tune your car radio to listen. Unless, of course, you have a line-in on your car stereo. Most people don’t. The Tunecast II is great because you can control which station it broadcasts to by a little digital dial… which really blows the other FM modulators out of the water.[/quote]

I’m another advocate of the shuffle. I have used it pretty much everyday for the six months or so I have had it.

Personally, I have had no problems with it. I have actually thrown it across the room. Still works! It gets thrown in a pocket full of crap in my backpack while I ride my bike or even in my pants pocket. I can’t say anything for the other brands mentioned but so far for me, the shuffle has been bulletproof. It can also be partitioned for storage. If you need that sort of thing. I bought the 512mb but should have opted for the 1gb.

has anyone used or had any experience with the MyFi(spelling??) from Delphi? it is basically an XM radio that you can use anywhere, car, house, gym. i was looking at one in the catalog last night and they are about 250 bucks but they look pretty cool.

I just bought my first ipod last week. I got the 5th generation 30g ipod for $299 at the local Apple store in the mall. I have a large CD collection. The damn thing holds 7500 songs. I went jogging with this weekend. Not a single problem.

Because it’s so new, they don’t have any armbands or skinz out for it yet. Hopefully before Xmas. The nanos have armbands and skinz now and they came out about a month before the 5th generation ipod. So it should be soon.

iPod Shuffle/Nano.

I use my Shuffle whilst rock climbing, riding on my motorbike daily and in the gym. Not had a single problem with it.

Both are light enough and small enough to not cause a problem whilst moving about. As others have said the Nano has some people up in arms due to it scratching easily, but this can be sorted simply.

I also find the iTunes software easy to use. Stick it on to recharge at night and use the autofill facility to get a random batch of new music each day.

I have had Creative MP3 players in the past and these have also been fine, but right now the Shuffle does the job perfectly.


[quote]DT20 wrote:

Thanks for the info. I appreciate it.

What brand of MP3 player do you recommend that plays 200-500 songs and doesn’t cost an arm and a leg?

Sorry, I missed this question when it was first posted. I really can’t recommend anything… I’m currently waiting until I can afford an iPod. I’m not a fan of less capacious players. I got a RioVolt MP3 CD player years ago, back when they first came out, and it was OK… but since I like to have entire albums on my mp3 CDs, I’d always find myself wishing that I had brought along a different CD. So I’m just going to wait, buy a 60GB iPod video, and be done with it.

[quote]Professor X wrote:
The iPod nano or shuffle are the easiest to carry around and are probably the “loudest” as far as overall volume on the market.

The Rio brand is great for athletes because they are constructed extremely well. I have owned both a “Rio Cali” and a Shuffle and the Rio could fall out of a two story window and still probably work. It has survived the bottom of my gym bag for 2 years now…which says a lot.

The downside of the Shuffle is it isn’t made to last any type of injury. If you drop it too hard, chances are, it won’t work anymore. They also don’t hold up well to sweat. The software to download songs is also more complicated and it takes longer for them to upload to the machine. It also requires the ipod player on your computer and I have had problems with mine. The upside is it carries a shit load of songs and shuffles them.

The downside of The Rio brand is that it isn’t the loudest (in the sense that I can sometimes hear background noise instead of creating craters in my eardrums) and does NOT shuffle songs unless you spend the extra time to make a specific play list on your computer. That means it will play all of the songs by the same artist in a row. The upside is its strength and the ease of using the software to download songs. It is the easiest program I have ever used. You simply click and drag the songs and it takes less time to download than the shuffle could ever dream of. It also plays the radio stations as well as tells time and acts like a stopwatch.

You can buy a Rio Forge here (I have the Cali version):

You can get an iPod shuffle here:

just like he says i own a rio nitrus my pitbull chewed it up pretty bad and it still works fine. missing the scroll dial but it works.
i would stick with rio or ipod for any mp3 players. what ever you do DONT BUY A GATEWAY.