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MP3 Players

I’m in the market. Anyone have any suggestions, or links to sites that review them?

yeah you can try www.cnet.com. I have a 6 gig archos jukebox mp3. Its a bit much ( holds 1000 of songs and whatever else I want it to) and I wish I went with something smaller but its not too bad (little smaller than tape player) If I were you and just wanted one to play songs while you work out get one that holds like 2-4 hours of songs and make sure its small. It should costs between 100-200$ for a basic but good mp3 player. Creative Labs seem to make good ones. I would not go with a nike or some other brands as your paying for the name.

Ike like I said on the other site go w/ the IPOD it’s the best out there, a little pricey but still the best.
And its friendly user.

What I want to know is are there any mp3 players that come equipped with 150 watt speakers? And can I rig one of these small ones up to my speakers like I can with my lab top adaptor? If so, then I’m getting one, but since I’ve never even seen one before I really have no clue about them.

I have a Sonic Blue Rio 330S. I bought it from a Portland Costco about a month ago for just under $100. It only holds about 30 songs, but it’s just the right shape, size, and weight to work out with. I can do both track workouts and weights with it. It isn’t the greatest or most cutting edge, but I’d recommend it, especially for the price. Here’s a few links:




if you’re going to run with it, avoid ones with HD. if you buy one with memory card, it’s gonna be expensive to replace it with much bigger one, but it doesn’t skip while you run 400m’s

if you don’t run for cardio, then HD ones are just fine

mp3 player with 150w speakers?

are you one of these guys who used to walk around with boombox on his shoulder?

if you’re looking for something to add to your setup at home, there are some standalone players out there… but i think it’s cheaper and easier to find an old pc, get a usb-digital (or analog, unless it comes with decent sound card) and connect it to your preamp. just make sure the fan isn’t too loud or it’s gonna be annoying.

There was a time when I was 12 and 13 that I did the boombox thing, but that was a good 7 years ago. I just hate listening to headphones - I need the music cranked.

I just replaced my old mp3 with a RCA Lyra I got from overstock.com. It has 128 mb memory, great sound and it is just right for the gym. I got for about $90 off the retail. Take a look at overstock, they have a lot of options. Plus since I dropped my other and busted it, I feel a lot better about busting one I got for about $75 as apposed to $220.

Ike, ‘iRiver’. Read the reviews on www.cnet.com. 'nuff said. You’ll search no more. Great players, good price, compact, reliable.

I have a Nike psa128 it was bought as a present for me,probably not the one i would have bought,but it is great it holds like 4hrs of music and is set up for a fitness person with a strap that goes around you arm…i only use it at the gym so it comes in very handy and 4 hrs is plenty of music for me…i recommend this player if it is for gym use mainly…

I agree with the iRiver. I like the IMP550 cd and mp3 player. I think it has a radio in it too and all for around $150.

For reviews,

I’ve had an iPod (hard drive died recently), and just ordered a Creative Nomad Zen. Haven’t got it yet, so I can’t comment, but it was a great deal (20 G, $278 CDN), and the sound quality is supposed to be very good.

I think the iPod is overpriced. Sure, it’s small, but the sound quality is questionable, it’s not very loud. The battery life is also suspect. Several people have had problems with the battery dying after about a year.

Read the reviews, definitely going with an iRiver.