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Mp3 Players

With my birthday quickly arriving, I am thinking of asking my parents for a portable mp3 player. I’ve been wanting one for quite awhile, mostly to take to the gym with me. I was wondering what model is the best for this purpose. Any suggestions would be awesome. Thanks!

Do NOT get a sony. They have a conflict of interest regarding MP3s.

Get a minidisc player instead. You can record anything in realtime (like an MP3) as well as from anything else (CDs still sound better) and the storage is much cheaper and lasts longer.

I got myself an RCA Kazoo,… 64Mb Internal, and I stuck an additional 64Mb card in it,… so presently I’ve got like 3 cds worth on it (at the best quality!), if u lower the bitrate, u can get much more,…(like 5, 6 cds worth) and it’s soooo tiny, I actually wear it around my neck on a string while I lift, much better thah that damn CD fanny pack shit. Think it ran like $130 or so

Get the riovolt sp250 mp3 CD player. It has wonderful menus, great sound, runs for fifteen hours off two rechargable AAs (included) and comes with a carrying case you could use while lifting. It also has 8 minutes of skip protection for mp3s, and 2 minutes for regular CDs. I love the thing. Plus, since you can fit 12-15 CDs on one using mp3s, you can easily go to the gym or even on a trip with only one or two CDs.

That iPod from Apple looks cool… 5 GB drive and a rechargable battery that offers 10 hours of playback, but you must have a Mac to get load the music on it.

Let me give you some technical info. You don’t want to buy the mp3 players that ave some sort of built-in storage device (such as the Diamond Rio), because they’re SDMI compliant. This means that while you can transfer files on to the devices, you can not transfer files back to another computer from them. This is one of the reasons I prefer mp3 CD players. Also, if you’re talking about something that holds 20GB or so, you’re looking at over $400 (or in that range). the RioVolt sp250 is $160, and for $10 you can get a CD carrying case that will hold 20GB of CDs for you. CDs are just about free nowadays, and you can also pop them into your buddy’s computer and swap music.

Would Nike be one of the sturdier models? I drop my tape player alot.

I wouldn’t trust Nike with audio equipment. The afforementioned sp250 (which I am NOT a sales rep for) has a sort of form fitting zippered case, with a very strong pants/belt clamp. You can run with it, no problem. It’s also very sturdy. Additionally, it has a tiny “remote” that you can put between the headphones and the jack (comes with it), that is great for running.

…buy ipod nano if you haven’t had your birth day yet

[quote]K-man wrote:
…buy ipod nano if you haven’t had your birth day yet[/quote]

This was a joke, right? This thread is FIVE FUCKING YEARS OLD. He may…just a possibility…but MAY have had his birthday by now.

ooh… And I’ve wondered why they were all blue

[quote]K-man wrote:
ooh… And I’ve wondered why they were all blue[/quote]

LOL, the fact that it’s near the back of the archives didn’t give it away?


The OP’s probably moved out of his parents house, graduated from college and got his first job, now.

[quote]majicka wrote:

The OP’s probably moved out of his parents house, graduated from college and got his first job, now.[/quote]

How many of the posters’ names from 2002 do you recognize? Nephorm’s the only one I know. Even back then he was polite, intelligent, and maybe a little geeky.