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Mp3 Player Suggestions


Ok, so I need an mp3 player. I love to rock climb (although currently out of commission due to tendinitis) and hike. I need a player that can take abuse. A climbing buddy told me about his old Arcos player that survived a 60ft drop in Scotland, but unfortunately they don't make that one anymore.

Any rugged/reliable mp3 players out there?


Go for one with a flash drive then.

Most players have hard cases you can get for added protection. I would think you'd want to go with something like a nano that wouldn't be so cumbersome when you're out climbing. Something you could just strap to your arm.


I've dropped my Samsung yp-mt6 twice from a height of six feet onto concrete twice and it hasn't failed. Certainly not a 60 foot drop, but it seems to do well. It's quite small too, at one inch square by two and a quarter inches long.




My roommate just got the Ipod Nano and it is amazing. He also ordered a clear case for it for protection and has dropped it many times in the gym and while he runs and has had no problems. The 4 gig one holds 1000 songs but he has found it to hold more.


DELL DJ with neoprene case that comes with both a clip & arm band. (sweat protection and drop cushioning)


I use a Rio sport when I workout and love it. I used to have an I-pod, but it was stolen, and that was great too. However, if you just want something to be active in I recommend the Rio Sport Series.


Thanks for the ideas. X, thanks for the link.


I would reccomend the iPod nano. I have had the mini for almost a year now and haven't had any problems.

I've dropped it several times on concrete, the gym floor, etc. A protective case for any MP3 player would definitely be worth the money though!

Good luck...



I'm very happy with the yp-mt6 as well. Excellent sound. Huge battery life. Small format. Rugged. What else could you want?