mp3 downloading

What site do you people download mp3s from. I got Morpheous 1.9 and it sucks.

Downloading mp3’s is illegal, I’m calling the cops on you…after I delete all 800+ of mine. Kazaa is pretty useful, though.

Morpheous does not get a gold star for playing well with others. It brought XP Pro to a nasty death about 10 times in the past few days… grrrr

I have found that the most reliable one is Aimster. The nice part is it won’t get shut down. It runs on the back of the AIM service. And we all know the RIAA won’t sue AOL because all the executives of each give each other head on a daily basis.

“We have carefully reviewed your resume, and we have come to a decision. The executive board and I would like you to give us head.”

Kazaa. Like the old Morpheus which was much better than the new version.

yeah, morpheus does suck now, try kazaa ( /en/kmdstart.htm) or blubster.( i have had pretty good luck with both. delete any spaces in the links! :slight_smile:

Audiogalaxy is the SHIT. Unbelievable selection (although some of the more popular tunes can’t be downloaded due to copyright restrictions). I’m able to find probably 85-90% of the tracks that I’m looking for, which is very impressive because a lot of what I’m into is somewhat obscure jazz. You should check it out.

Kazaalite is what I use. Can download movies as well. Saw Star Wars 2 on my PC before watching in the theater. Choke MP3 files too.

use kazaa, just dont install the spyware (thats bad mojo right there!)

I use Grokster (knockoff of Kazaa & Morpheus but doesn’t seem to cause as many problems as the others) & WinMX.

WinMx is the most highly rated and has an interface which resembles the old Napster

If it’s just for mp3 i use It let’s me choose bit rate so i don’t have to put up with low quality 128kb files. It’s better than kazaa or Morpheus.


You have to go with Audiogalaxy. You can find everything you want on there. If something is not available because of copyright, play around with spellings and whatnot and you’ll find it. I used to use Kazaa, but then I found out about Spyware. Basically, the Kazaa and its packaged programs search your hard drive for info about you, then send it back to the company. Then, Kazaa sells it to others so they can send advertising to you. Another draw back is that it leaves you very open and makes it easy for you to pick up viruses/trojan horses (I ended up getting about 9 of them). Look for a program called Ad-Aware to get rid of this stuff. But be aware this will render Kazaa useless.

I use WinMX. I’ve never tried anything else though so I don’t know how much weight my opinion holds.

I have used all of the ones mentioned and have settled on WinMX. I have the Spiderman movie downloading now and have found more music than I know what to do with.

WinMX is my first choice,
kazaalite is my second (
the kazaalite has no spyware.

honestly i can’t stand audiogalaxy, it’s slow and i have heard it has spyware as well(I have not looked into this myself, beacause i dont care)



I’ve got some extremely bad news to report. Audiogalaxy is dead! No more downloading any copyrighted material at all. This is a sad day for the file-sharing community.