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Mozzarrela Cheese


Is Mozzarrella cheese ok in a bodybuilding diet?
I've found it to have much less saturated fat than Chhedar cheese (Per 100g mozzarella has 10g of saturated fat compared with 17g in cheddar)... Apart from cottage cheese which other cheeses are ok? I like to melt my cheese on sprouted whole garin bread.


Read up on the anabolic diet.


Moderation is key to any diet plan, cheese is a great food source if no lactose issues


Mozzarella cheese is awesome, especially the softer kind. Caprise salad is the only salad I'll eat.


Not really.


Saturated fat is irrelevant.

If it comes from a good source, it should have a decent fatty acid profile.

It's calorie dense, so good for gaining, bad for losing, in moderation for maintaining.

Given that you like to eat it on bread, and that you're worried about saturated fat content... you probably have some reading to do...