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Mozilla Firefox 4


Has anyone downloaded or tried it?



Chrome FTW


I downloaded it and tried it, seems very fast so far.


Typing this from FF 4.

Seems fine so far.

Haven't done full testing (work stuff) but seems OK


Browsing seems faster and I like the addded screen size but some of my fav add-ons arent compatible yet :frowning:


Web browsing is much faster than FF 3.6.


A lot faster, but can't quite beat Chrome.

Yes, I raced them.

IE9 still sucks balls.


I fucking hate IE. Sucks monkey nutz.


Chrome is probably more secure than FF and definitely more secure than IE



I dunno, I'm quite liking IE9 ever since my FF has been getting slower and slower.

Chrome is the champ, no doubt.


Also, the fact that Windows live keeps my bookmarks in sync across all my PC's on IE9 is very handy.


FF4 had some concept where multiple tabs were tracked as thumbnails like an iTunes gallery. I'll have to find it, and I'm not sure if FF4 does it (I'll download tonight).

I like Chrome and FF always seems to have memory leaks if you keep more than 20 tabs open like I do (3-4 windows, 10-20 tabs each).

Chrome took off once they added extensions, and now it rivals FF to be honest in that regard. Plus, how nice it plays with Google services is a bonus.


Using FF 4 now and it made a big difference in the visuals and speed of an online game I play, and I normally play it on Chrome.

Definitely a lot faster than FF 3.6.


Aye definitely faster and I like how they've streamlined the space and clustered the options into the tab at the top left. Not liking the move of bookmarks over to the right, following the latest I.E. update, so I've had to create a seperate folders of faves back over on the left but that's a minor thing.

Aside from the addons; rather liking it.


Is it the bloated memory hog that FF 3.x has become?


I have FF4. It looks a lot more like Chrome. It is faster and is compatible with some of my addons but that should be remedied in a short while. I have to use FF due to work compatibility. Come to think of it, I have to use IE for some work functions as well. Otherwise I would gladly jump to Chrome.

Dig Dig


Got it as well and it seems faster than FF 3.x


Yeah, I think I can get used to it by the end of the day.

dig dig


Can't try it. They don't make it for PowerPC Macs and that's what I'm running. Got my Mac right before they switched to Intel, so about 5 years ago. Guess I need to upgrade. Just have to get the boss to go for it. Even mac isn't supporting them any more, which is totally ridiculous if you ask me. It's great that they switched to Intel, but some us don't need to upgrade because our computers are fine for what we use them for. Oh well. Guess it was only a matter of time before Apple became more like Microsoft once they started using Intel processors.


Damn you like Microsoft :wink: To be fair, I haven't gotten to know it as well as I should before judging it, but I do find it very slow compared to Chrome. And not much different from IE8 speedwise.