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Mozarella Meat Sauce and Noodles


Had this as my post workout meal today, great tasting meal for those who include carbs in their diet.




... This guy is alright.


Please go back to the bodybuilding forums unless you plan to make enough for all.


lol..who the fuck is that supposed to fill up?


Mmmm tasty looking. I shouldn't have looked at this while dieting :frowning:


Apparently not you.

This isn't a portion recommendation it is a general recipe idea. Use the amounts you want for your personal calorie needs.


No reason you can't eat that meal while dieting! Just get the portions set up for your needs.


You probably eat a lot more meals per day than I do..correct? Just curious..not being a dick


5 meals per day, 700 each meal right now. I'm ramping up off of a cut.

How about you?


Ive only seen this video and the pancake video but do any of your 'recipes' involve meals that arent from a box, jar or bag?

I mean you boiled pasta from the directions on a box, cooked ground beef and then poured a jar of sauce into the meat. Is that really a tutorial worthy meal?

Not "hating"... just genuinely asking.

It'd be cool to see recipes of new and different meals for inspiration.


lol - exactly you beat me to it.

Your recipes are only good for someone who has never cooked a meal in their entire life.

In the future, create a video that has tips the average person wouldn't know. Everyone here can brown meat, boil pasta and warm up sauce from a jar.


Thanks, as these videos are MEANT for the people who don't want to spend much time putting together an elaborate meal simply to fuel their training and growth. The average joe isn't out to make gourmet meals on a daily basis, and neither am I. As I always reply to this type of comment, more people like these videos than complain about them, so I have no problem putting them out there.

Maybe this is what you're thinking? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i-u5C_sbCNs



1-2 meals a day typically.


It's not about cooking hour long gourmet meals, but making videos where people actually learn something. All you're doing is following the instructions on the back of the package, no new knowledge is being gained.

Imagine if I made a protein shake video where all I did was mix 2 scoops of whey with water and shook the container. Do you think that would be informative to anyone? You're basically doing the pasta equivalent.

I'm not telling you to stop making videos, but add some creativity to them so they are actually useful. The last video you posted is a LOT better.


I'm gonna hate: 2020, please just stop posting on this forum until you have something interesting to say. It wouldn't be annoying were it not for the fact that you have alts on here that you'll bump your own threads with.


If you're going to post your food videos you should just start one big thread. Post your vids, get requests and all that. That would be better than making a new thread for each video you post. Kinda like a video food log


I'll definitely consider it Greg. Do you have a request, since you suggested it?


I see what you're saying, and it's all good. Some of these videos aren't even to teach people anything new, they are just to provide ideas and inspiration for meals. You'd be surprised, people will actually provide positive feedback and thanks for a video on making a whey shake and PB sandwich. Some people just don't think about making meals other than plain chicken and rice, and these videos help them out.

I do see what you're saying though, it's just that I'm trying to stick to basic, quick, and simple meal ideas. As you can see, I'm keeping the vids very short too.

Thanks for the compliment on the last video I posted. Have you seen the pancake video?