Moxxor Omega 3 Oil Supp

Just wondering if anyone has heard of this supplement, and if so, what’s your opinion on it?

The product is made from the omega-3 oils found in the New Zealand Green lip mussle, Perna Canaliculus, combined with the antioxidants found in New Zealand’s Sauvignon blanc grape seed husk.

The website claims that the mussle oil found in moxxor is 158 times more anti-inflammatory than Fish Oil and 395 times more anti-inflammatory than Flax Oil, while the particular grape seed husk extract has an ORAC value 3x greater than that of Acai berries and 114x greater than Pomegranate.

I would love to hear what some of you think about the efficacy of this product in relation to other high quality omega-3 supps ie. Flameout.

Nutritional noobs need not comment thanks…

Obviously there is only one way to know, try them and find out if they work as advertised.


158 times more anti-inflammatory? Is there even a cardinal scale for inflammation? All I was able to find was a lot of media hype and studies that Omega 3s derived from mussles work as Omega 3s should. Why I would pay 3-4 times the price I´d pay for a high quality fish oil is beyond me.

Right now I am much more interested in curcumin which also seems to have anti-inlammatory properties that could work synergistically with fish oil through other mechanisms. There are a lot of studies that show that it might work and compared to the Moxxor brand curcumin is dirt cheap.

not meaning to disrespect or anything but i think youre the noob here. what you are reading is a bunch of marketing hype. save your money and buy regular fish oil thats been tested for heavy metals or buy Flameout.

Are there any studies on this? Do the say what scale is used? etc etc. ORAC isn’t the be-all-end-all of antioxidant scales either. I’d probably stick with what is known unless you really have bad joint problems (in which case some people do get good benefits from the muscle extract, anecdotally). Fish oil has a heap of other benefits apart from being anti-inflammatory.

Ive never heard of that…You gotta test it yourself then let us know.