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So I graduated college on May 3rd, moved home May 4th. Then I moved again on May 30th. Oh how fun moving is. Especially when you go from the first floor of an apartment building to the 3rd floor of a different building. The service elevator barely held my couch, everything in the UHaul got a little wet, I woke up at 6 am to move 6 hours away. I moved last Friday, and it’s Monday, but yet, I’m still exhausted from the move. How weird. The only good thing about this new apartment is their is a gym on the 1st floor for only 20 bucks/month.

Sorry for ranting, but I know some of you have moved before :slight_smile:

I’ve moved at least ten times in my life and I am only 24. Some moves where just down the street, others were to different countries. It gets easier. The hardest part for a person who is in shape is breaking routines and re-establishing them throughout the move. It is also stressful, though you may not be aware of it, just to be in a new environment. It is exciting though, especially when you move further away. Everything is different, new things are there to be explored. Also, the added fun of being able to leave your past behind you when you live in a new place is cool. Think of it, maybe you were a dork and had problems with the ladies based on your reputation for being an outcast, but now women have no clue what you were or where you have been. Can you say tall, dark, and mysterious!

I’ve moved 32 times in 30 years. I have it down to a science. However, in all those moves, I’ve never had a service elevator (even on the third floor of an apartment).

WooHoo! Moving! Yeehaw!

Ish. Not. This probably wasn’t meant as a “One Upmanship” thread but I just gotta put my 2cents in. I moved 6 times before the age of 18, 11 times during the year I was 18, 11 times between age 19 and 22, and 8 times since age 22 (7.5 years). The last 4 moves have been from one third story walk up to another third story walk up. Obviously, in my youth I lived out of a suitcase. In fact, I didn’t own a single item that would not fit in a suitcase from age 18-22 and when I left my ex at age 24 I had only my suitcase and my son’s. These last 4 have been a bitch. Had a whole housefull of crap to move. Believe me when I say I feel your pain.

I have to move in a little less than a month-- sucks for me. I can think of few experiances I hate more.

i’ve moved about 10 times now. it sucks but you start getting used to it. i’ve also helped friends and family move over 10 times as well. but i think you ( ~k~ and doogie ) have beat us all. i’ll be moving back to denver prob. within a few months. yeyyyy!! more moving, will it ever stop. lol

I do so much “moving” for friends that I’ve really limited my own moving.

Don’t know why, but Ko and I are usually the first people asked to help with moving.

I’ve lived at the same address since '93 ('cept for a brief time when I separated and then divorced my now ex-husband).

ack, i have to move in two weeks, just 5 months after i moved in

on the plus side, my new apartment is in a 1897 victorian house, my bedroom has stain glass windows, and there are three meat smokers and a bbq grill outside

and it’s only 4 blocks from my current address

hey patricia, i need my car moved down to my new house, what are you and ko doing next weekend?


I wish you were in DC. Could’ve used your help last Sunday. I thought I’d die after moving all those heavy boxes. You’d think that a single gal won’t have a lot of stuff! But o dear. It was ill how much stuff I had. Most of it was books that I accumulated over the years. All kinds of reference books, text books (I never throw away my text books, esp. if they’re on interesting stuff), sheet music, etc, etc. I even threw away some of the prints before I moved. And I’m STILL not done. sigh


Rumbach can you sat Amityville horror(spelling?).

as long as spiders don’t start crawling out of my sink and flies buzzing in the windows, i’ll be cool.

I read (don’t ask me where because I can’t remember) that moving is life’s second most stressful event. Topped only by the death of a loved one/family member. I don’t think it’s that bad, but it definitely can take something out of you for a while. That’s probably why you’re still tired.

Patricia - I know EXACTLY how you feel. I also seem to be first on the “who should I call to help me move” list. What made it worse for a while was that I drove a pick-up.

Stella - You should have been in touch. I would’ve helped.

dcb: hehehe, Ko has a pickup, too.