Moving Up TM Juggernaut Method?

Lets say my TM on squat is 200 and on realizations 10’ got 12 reps and i add 5lbs for each rep over 10 in this case (2x5lbs)… now my TM is 210… in the realization of 8’ got 10 reps (2 reps over 8) so do i adjust TM for the next cycle to 220 because it was 210 in 10’ weeks or do i increase only the original TM? So i keep it 210? I think i screwed up todays workout

Your increases and TM are based on the most recent TM. You don’t go back to the time you did a cycle in a rep range last. So 220 - if I understood you correctly

It doesn’t matter as a once off.

Agree with Strongman, you would increase to 220