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Moving Up a Weight Class


Well, I decided to start my ascent to the 82.5kg (181lb) weight class for powerlifting. Currently in the 165s, but I think it's safe to say that for my height (5'9) I have to be heavier and carrying more muscle. Diet wise, I'm new to this, so bear with me. I'm currently working a fairly intense labor job for the rest of july into mid-august, but after that I'm back to school/teaching (fairly sedentary). Either way, let me know how it looks, and if possible, maybe recommend some extra foods/meals. I don't really care about eating the same thing every day.

Keep in mind I have weekends off, so the diet will be about the same, possibly with more calories added on.

Much Thanks,


Here it is:

Meal 1 â?? Breakfast
â?¢ 1 cup mixed berries
â?¢ 2 servings whey protein
â?¢ 2 tablespoon olive oil
â?¢ 400mL juice
â?¢ 1 cup oats
(800 calories)

Meal 2
â?¢ 1 Snack bar
â?¢ 2 scoops whey w/ 500mL water
â?¢ 2 slices pineapple
(450 calories)

Meal 3
â?¢ Subway, Chicken Donair, or 1/2lb burger
â?¢ 500mL grapefruit juice
(800 calories)

Meal 4
â?¢ 1 snack bar
â?¢ 2 scoops whey
(400 calories)

Meal 5
â?¢ Large sandwich
â?¢ 1 scoop powdered Gatorade
(400 calories)

Meal 6 (PWO)
â?¢ Varies, something with around 40g protein and around 600 calories
(600 calories)

Meal 7
â?¢ 1 cup oats
â?¢ 2 tbsp peanut butter
â?¢ 2 tbsp olive oil
â?¢ 500mL milk
â?¢ 1 scoop whey
(1000 calories)

Looks to be about 4450 calories