Moving to Williamsburg Brooklyn for 10 Weeks

Hey all,

I’ll be moving to Williamsburg Brooklyn for 10 weeks on business. I’m looking for a place around North 6th Street that I can drop into, squat, deadlift, bench, and olympic lift properly.

I’m trying to avoid places where it’s all about classes (e.g. crossfit).

Trying to avoid commercial gyms where weights have to be put down gently and chalk is prohibited.

A decent price wouldn’t hurt either!

Any places that you guys recommend?

I’m moving down there as soon as Monday.



I actually live in Williamsburg, Brooklyn and I am not going to lie. There are not an overabundance of gyms in that area. If you want a local gym, then you have two options. The first is Chalk Gym, which runs about $90.00 a month. It is located on North 9th Street right off of Bedford Ave. It is a fairly nice gym with a power cage. You will definetly be able to squat, bench, and deadlift. They do not have an olympic lifting platform, but they do have bumper plates or at least had some when I checked it out a few months ago. The other options is Retro Fitness, which is a chain gym. It is very well equipped, but extremely busy and they have terrible customer service. I have heard so many stories regarding their gym contract and I would not recommend it. If you do not mind travelling a bit, then I have three recommendations.

  1. Absolute Fitness - This is a no BS basement gym located about a block from the Grant Ave station, which is 3 stops from Bedford on the L train. It is very cheap ($400.00 a year, which is a bargain by NYC standards) and well equipped. However, they type of people that go there are a bit different, which is a turn off to some.

  2. Steel Gym - This is perhaps one of the best gyms in Manhattan when it comes to equipment and likeminded people. It is a bit of a trip on the subway (20 to 25 minutes), but well worth it. They have 3 month, 6 month, and 1 year deals. I believe ebomb would be able to speak more about it since he trains there.

  3. New York Health and Racquet Club - This gym can be a bit pricy, if you do not have a corporate membership, but if you are able to get a deal from your employer, then I would higly recommend it. This is where I train and they have various locations throughout the city. The two best locations are the flagship one on 23rd and 6th Ave and the 21st and Park Ave location. The Park Ave location would be perfect for you. It is small, but they do have an olympic lifting platform with a variety of bumper plates. They have multiple benches and a power cage. If you can’t get a corporate membership, then you are probably looking at around $100.00 a month. Also, they are very chalk friendly. I have seem plenty of people use it there.

If you need any additional information, feel free to PM me.

Chalk is like a 4 minute walk from where I’m going to be living. Might have to check that out.


Coliseum Gym in Middle Village would be a drive for you but it’s the most hardcore gym in the boroughs.

Dumbbells up to 200 pounds, Oly platform with bumper plates, monolift, three racks, competition benches, specialty bars, Atlas Stones, farmer’s walk handles, full line of Hammer Strength and Icarian, etc. Also open 24/7.