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Moving to Wide Grip Pressing

Hi guys,

Due to a elbow problem (subluxing ulnar nerve) I am having to move to wide grip pressing to give my elbow a bit of recovery time as I have been hammering the upper body work last few months as I haven’t been able to squat or deadlift much until recently. I normally bench with a medium grip and OHP with a relatively narrow grip but I’m getting too much inflammation around the elbow to continue on in this way for now.

I am going to move to wide grip bench press (pointer finger on rings) and most likely Klokov press as they do not irritate my elbow. I’ll also be doing narrow grip bench with elbows tucked as assistance but only half reps to work the triceps but without flexing my arm too much (2-3 inches of chest). My main concern is having such as wide grip is apparently very stressful on the shoulders, particularly the Klokov press, what precautions should I take?

Other alternatives will also be considered, suggestions are welcome!

Thanks for your time guys.

IIRC, there’s nothing wrong with Klokov pressing. It’s narrow(er) grip BTN pressing that people can run into impingement or ROM issues with. I’d be more worried about wide grip benching. If you must do it, lowering the weight and doing all reps paused is one way to build the musculature while minimizing strain.

Do what doesnt hurt.

Isometrics and rubber bands helped me a lot when I couldn’t bench.

Deload/Just press with machines for a couple of weeks and try these…

good luck with what you choose until there are no limitations