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Moving to Texas


A few years back I posted a thread about moving to Texas for graduate school, but I ended up going elsewhere. I'm off to Texas (for sure this time) to do doctoral work.

-Anyone in Denton?
-Good gyms in the Denton/North Dallas area?

Places I've found so far:

I've been training in campus facilities since I started lifting; it'd be great to get into a real gym. Depends on the financial situation, of course (anyone need a guitar teacher?).



What are you studying in Denton?

I've been told that UNT has an awesome gym, but i don't know if that's from a BB, PL, or some workout noob.

Teaching guitar could be good, but you might have competition from UNT students that are majoring in music.

I live between Denton and Dallas and haven't found any gyms with more than two squat racks, power racks, etc...


Howdy. Hope you enjoy the great state of TEXAS. (I know nothing of the Dallas area)


I'm in Denton, I attend UNT.

The school's gym is huge, very nice, clean, well kept, etc.

The atmosphere definitely leaves something to be desired, but plenty of us try to train as hard and as smart as we can.


Oh, and I moved to Denton from Michigan to study Jazz Drums w/ Ed Soph.


I'm not too terribly familiar with the Denton area but if you ever want to come up and train in Allen holler at me. I'm just saying, it could be sweet


shits hot down there


Nothing but hippies up in Denton, good area nevertheless. Its considered a liberal area because of all them music students. Cant give you any advice on any good gyms around the DFW area. But if you like sports and fun make sure to tune in to 1310AM The Ticket, a great radio station.


"A liberal area" in North Texas. I thought that was pretty funny. Spend a few days in the Bay Area, Seattle or Boston then get back to me on this one.

I am not sure about Denton, but there is a Metroflex in Plano (not the one in Arlington where Coleman trains) that is pretty kick ass. I have trained there a few times and you get stronger just by walking in the place. Its about 35-40 min. from Denton (not during traffic) and pretty reasonable.



Another good place is here, and its a lot closer to you, but you need to find someone with a boat, preferably one that has a stripper pole:



Well jjackrush, liberal relative to what we have here in Texas. I know its not as bad as the areas you mentioned. Its all relative.


Martin's Hardcore Barbell Company
1108 Woodrow Lane, Suite 100

Edit: Hadn't checked your third link before posting. My bad.


Thanks guys.

Anything else I should know about Denton? Good places to live? I'm not opposed to living in another Dallas suburb.

The degree I'm starting is a Doctor of Musical Arts in guitar performance. Ideally I'll get a few college level adjunct gigs teaching guitar and music appreciation or music technology or entrepreneurship for musicians.

I guess I'm one of those liberal (libertarian, more like) music students.



And Blackfinn in Addison. It's a bar.


I drilled a well for Halliburton testing facility in Carrolton. Is there anything else in Addison besides bars, restaurants and a pretty swanky sex shop? I don't remember the names but there were a couple microbreweries and a Freebirds in Addison. I used eat a big lunch, get hammered, and then go to work.


I would advise living in Denton, personally. Metroplex traffic is a bitch, not to mention most rent-able homes within proximity of the campus are extremely cheap. Denton is definitely a hippie town - a "mini Austin" if you will - but it's not a bad place to live.


No not really.

OP, as far as living situation it depends on what you are looking for. If you want the college feel, by all means live in Denton. If I were you, I might try finding a place in Northern Frisco if you don't mind a bit of a commute.




I lived in Denton a few years and it was great if you are a musician. Theres never a lonely Friday night in Denton, but I'd drive to Lewisville, south on 35E, to train. From what I remember, and this was about 6-7 years ago, there werent any hardcore gyms at all. If I remember right, there was what appeared to be a hardcore place on 35E going south between Lewisville and Denton. Might have been closer to Lewisville than Denton. Its worth a drive anyways. It was on the north bound side of 35E. I wish I could remember the name. Not much to do in Denton besides hear great live music, Jazz for the most part, drink, and screw.


I second Swissarmy, stay in Denton. Traffic is a bitch if you decide to move to Dallas. Also Swiss is right it is a mini Austin, good comparison swiss.
Welcome to the great state of Texas.