Moving to Seattle

Anyone out there from the Seattle area? I just got a job up in Everett and am looking to find a place that’s sort’ve in between Everett and Seattle. Also, I’d want to live somehwere that’s also a nicer part of town with a suburbs feel to it (but not still with a younger vibe). If anyone has some quality suggestions, put them on the table.

I lived in Bothell for a while and found it to be decent. I prefer Kirkland it is more socialble but may be too far south for you working in Everett although you would be going the opposite of the rush.

Hm. I visited that area about 7 years ago for 2 weeks. i stayed in Issaquah. I’m not sure where that is in relation to Everett, but it wasn’t far from Seattle. I love that part of the country! Enjoy it!