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Moving to Raleigh

The family and I are cashing out our home in orlando and thinking of heading to the raleigh nc area. Any one know about gyms or schools in the area.
Since I am a long time lurker a big shout out to the T-dawg diet and all the training advice that got this ex high school band geeks big three lifts up over 300lbs. Also mad props to all the people that keep the best ass and rack threads going. They keep boring days in the beige
cube world tolerable!!!


I would love to hear some feedback on this too. My wife and I are thinking of doing of the same thing and heading to the Chapel Hill area.

I travel to Raleigh quite a bit on business. There is a suburb of Raleigh called Cary. The locals say that Cary stands for Containment Area for Relocated Yankees. Appears to be a real popular and growing area.


Well unless you have a few million don’t move to Raleigh. The nice parts of Raleigh are really really expensive, the other areas are too crime infested and dirty.

I live in Cary, very nice city, very clean city. Schools in Cary are excellent, I personally go to a school in Apex. I would definetly move into the Cary/Apex/Holly Springs area if you had the choice. Cary was in the top 10 places to live in one of those magazine rating things.

Cary is pretty much the quintessential suburban town. Very pretty city and also very green. One of the best things about the Cary area is, your only a few hours away from either the mountains or the beach. In the mountains you have Asheville, with the Biltmore house and the famous Grove Park Inn resort, and at the beach you’ve got the Outer Banks which are great beaches.

Crime is another plus with the Cary area. We have a very low crime rate, but if you have move too close to Durham it gets rough with gangs, and Raleighs pretty close.

Chapel Hill is a nice place too. It too is a very pretty city. It’s a little more expensive and the traffic is a little worse but probably a good choice if your looking for more of a city than a suburb.

If you head to Charlotte, give me a shout. Go Panthers!