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Moving to Philly (Center City)

I am moving to philly in two months, likely between Rittenhouse and logan square, and I was hoping someone would have some recommendations on gyms, places to work-out outdoors, grab a healthy meal, etc. Just things that would make it easier to live a â??testosterone lifestyleâ?? in a new city.


im a personal trainer in olde city area of philly. have lived in the city for 6+ years now. PM me with specific questions and i’ll try to answer everythin for ya

I want to move out of this place. :stuck_out_tongue:

[quote]Liv92 wrote:
I want to move out of this place. :stuck_out_tongue: [/quote]
I’ve been training here for about 2.5 years now, and it probably won’t be too long before I start taking clients as well. It’d be nice to get out first and do that elsewhere lol.

Most gyms around here aren’t exactly…“for our kind” from my experience.

Thanks for the responses.

I was hoping the city that produced Rocky would have some slightly more â??hardcoreâ?? gyms but I guess it is not looking too promising.

Powerhouse in Northeast Philly has some pretty big motherfuckers in there. It’s not close to center city, though.

I wouldn’t expect any hardcore gyms in center city. It’s mostly populated by hipster homos that wear scarves and sip on skinny mochachinos.

12th Street Gym is pretty nice. They have a hell of a lot of equipment and are pretty reasonable. Although, a large percentage of the clientele are gay men, if that matters.

Be Careful!!

2 wounded in gym shooting over basketball game

Two men are wounded and one is in custody after a shooting inside a crowded Philadelphia gym following a dispute over a basketball game.

Police say the fight broke out around 7:30 p.m. Tuesday at the World Gym in Northeast Philadelphia over the score of a pickup basketball game. They say one man retrieved a gun from a car and started shooting.

One victim was struck in the chest and the other in the back and ear. The unidentified men were hospitalized in stable condition.

Investigators say five men fled the gym in one car following the shooting and one man was arrested a short time later. Officers are seeking the other four men.

Police say 50 people were in the gym at the time of the shooting.


Lol, Don’t go to North Philly… one of my rules while I attended Penn (every other part of the city, even West Philly, I enjoyed, but North Philly… never).

If your in Center city, Italian market will be great for meat. Tons of great stuff at Reading terminal, if your into fish, and stuff. Also, my favorite restaurant while I was there was called Mixto. Not overly expensive, and great food.

Good Luck, in the city of anything but brotherly love.