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Moving to Omaha

anyone from the area? I have never been but am moving to attend med school at creighton. Going to visit in the next couple weeks and I need to know what side of town I should look for housing/stay away from, good gyms, etc…

thanks for any help

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Only thing I can really say is North Omaha is the only bad part of Omaha I’m aware of, having lived in the Omaha/Lincoln area my whole life. West Omaha is good, but you’d live farther away (about 30 minute drive away). Creighton is in pretty much downtown Omaha, the area around there isn’t that bad actually, though it’s older. I’ve had friends live on about 50th and Dodge growing up, and Creighton is roughly 24th and Dodge. And the University of Nebraska-Omaha is at 60th and Dodge, so that whole area isn’t a really dangerous place.

Compared to larger cities, Omaha doesn’t really have many bad areas. You could likely just use Creightons gym, which I have no idea how good or bad it is but since you’ll be a student it’d be free im pretty sure.

Wish I could give more, but really I don’t think there are many places outside North Omaha that anyone I know would purposely avoid.

If we get 5 more posts in this thread then this thread will equal the population of Omaha.

Are you sure you can handle it? http://www.theonion.com/articles/rural-nebraskan-not-sure-he-could-handle-frantic-p,465/

[quote]timbofirstblood wrote:
Are you sure you can handle it? http://www.theonion.com/articles/rural-nebraskan-not-sure-he-could-handle-frantic-p,465/[/quote]


On a related note, my first college roommate wasn’t sure he could handle the hustle and bustle of my college town… a town of 15,000 people, where the closest shopping mall was 100 miles away.