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Moving to New City, Need to Find New Doc


I've been seeing receiving TRT treatment from an endocrinologist in my current city for 2 years.

In a few weeks I am moving across the US and I need to find a new doc.

I want to find a TRT - specific clinic/doctor because all 3 endocrinologists I have been to put me on a bare-minimum dose with no other options (hcg out of the question).

A possible issue with a non-endocrinologist doctor:
I also take levothyroxine for hasimotos disease. If I go to a TRT clinic, will they be able to continue with my levothyroxine prescription? Or will I have to go to an endocrinologist additionally?

FYI the city I am moving to is Colorado Springs in case anyone knows of any good TRT doctors there.

Also, I am 22 years old, so I think that it may be illegal for TRT-specific clinics to treat me.


Your age is not a factor or limitation.

What were your pre-TRT labs?
Can you get a letter from your doc outlining your diagnosis?
Some docs may want to take you stone cold to see where LH/FSH is, so if you have copies of labs for that …

There are 7 stickies in the forum, one is about finding a TRT doc.

This pharmacy is near you and they can provide referrals:

explain what you are taking now

transfer any open scripts http://www.collegepharmacy.com/index.php?/patients/form/transfer_a_prescription
ask existing docs for scripts before you leave