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Moving to Lone Star State!

 Headin west fellas to the lone star state. Me livin in Texas.......aint that some shit.Anyhow I'll be gone a for a few weeks and I'll holla back atcha when I get settled in.



Congratulations. You must be moving up in the world.


I've lived in TX my whole life [mostly Houston]and one thing you will find is NO state has as much pride as Texas.

   Congrats on your move and Im glad you smarted up and came to your senses. Seriously Texas is full of pride and I hope you get nothing but positives out of here.


I live in Tx and love it but, I think the bud light as 'Real men of genius: Mr. way too proud of Texas' is hilarious.


I went to college with Ty Murray (part of the Man Law round table). Those Bud Light commercials are the funniest shit I have seen in a long time.

Welcome to Texas - the only real state in the U.S.


its a good place to be, i wish you the best of luck



Do your self a favor and rethink your decision to move there. Unless you are already coming from somewhere in the south. I have never seen so many out of shape people in one place as i have in Dallas.

Texas is different from any other state I have ever been in. You may like it, but Dallas didn't really fit my style. Also be careful talking to anyone down there if you have any liberal points of view. It's best to avoid getting into that type of discussion with them.


Clearly you have never been to Indiana


22 million people can't be wrong.


Been there once, but only for a couple days. I'm not sure I understand you comment or Rainjack's


Well since there are so many out of shape people, it would make it a better place to be. Think of it this way, the more fat people, the easier it will be to get whatever ladies that are hot and in shape.


Hi..I lived in Houston about 20 years ago. Coming from Colorado, it was big shock. The BBQ is to die for but I could not stand the bugs(cockroaches)and I lived in a nice and clean apartment. The management was fumigating once a week.It was crazy that and the humidity.
Just my two cents.


I always wanted to go on a big game safari hunt to Africa but so far I've had to settle for 1 A.M cockroach hunts using a daisy bb gun with my brother when I lived back in Florida. If you got them might as well make the best of em.


Really? Out of a population of 300,000,000 thats only 7.3%. I would think that at least 10% of the country are morons.


OMG! Too funny. Glad I don't have to deal with THAT anymore or him...
Yep, just like the song.


Texas is the greates state in the union. Period. We are the most hated, the mosy loved, the proudest, and the loudest talkers there are.

There are very few states - maybe NY and perhaps their dirty half-witted little brother - NJ that are as proud of their state as we are.


Welcome to heaven.


Thinking of visiting Houston, am I going to have to confront roaches in local hotel rooms? I do NOT want to bring back any vermin hiding in my luggage...


Well, you get what you pay for. Roaches are everywhere here, but obviously the higher end hotels take more care in preventing/exterminating them.