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Moving to Germany


This December I'm headed to Wiesbaden. I'll be there for 3 years. I'm nervous about the language and cultural differences. If anyone has any experience and advice I would be most appreciative.


Women are hot, and theres a lot of sausage. German is a really easy language to learn, did it for 2 years in high school. easy to pick and its a lot like english.


stay away from the group showers......


Thanks man. I've heard a lot about the women over there. Are they really as...liberal...as I've been told?


German is easy to learn? I have never heard someone say that.


Yeah in regards to German being really easy to learn? No but then again he Marz has been proven a moron on this site multiple times.

That aside, I spent this past summer in Germany and it was awesome. The food takes getting used to being that your American and we have such a variety here. The gyms are not as good in my opinion, and many use olympic bars in the 35lb region. The women are hot but much more liberal and not the same as American women. Lots of punk culture. Berlin night life is great and areas such as Weimar and Munich are much more chill and have great biergartens. The beer is amazing and is easy to go crazy on. Just have fun and dont be shy up there. Also a note: Germans, especially Berliners, are very blunt about stuff. Therefore they speak there mind so dont take shit personal.

The language is not super difficult if youve studied languages before and know how to approach them. Its definitely not Manderine Chinese but dont think it will be as easy as say Italian or Spanish.


My dad's been to Germany, but a long time ago. I wouldn't take any of his advice though, as he would still be apt to recommend doing some things that would now get you arrested. Europe is not as much fun as it was back in the D day.


^^^ back in DDAY ?? lol wtf


My dad went and I might show up there around Christmas. Very fun, good food and drink apparently.


I was in Germany in the mid-80's as a young enlisted man (I was in Kitzingen with 1st Bn, 64th Armor) and really enjoyed it. German actually is fairly easy to learn if you have any predisposition towards language. All I remember is SVTMP (if I recall correctly...subject, verb, time, manner, place). We were given some basic lessons as part of orientation and it's easy enough to pick up enough to catch a train, order a meal, and get slapped.

Make sure and travel. The train system is super easy and there are plenty of tours you can take from base. I don't think you'll find the cultural differences as great as if you went to the Middle East or Asia. Obviously a lot changes in 20 years so take all of that with a grain of salt.



yes it actually is one of the easier languages to learn. It may not sound like it with all the weird words and stuff but it's very much like English, with just some different word order and gender stuff.


Well....english is a germanic labguage. That would link english and german to the same family..so if you know one the other isn't hard to pick up

Same with romance language like spanish and italian...


Some people pick it up easier than others. It definitely is NOT an easy language to learn if we are talking about any real fluency. Picking up words will not be a problem but getting the correct grammatical side down is what catches 99% of people out ... different words have different meanings much more so than English (one english word may have 4 meanings but the same word would have 4 different words for each meaning) ... gender ... word order ... past/present/future tense .... etc.

But it depends a lot where you learn it as dialects will play a big role as to how quickly you catch on to it.

You shouldn't have an issue in Germany with the language as plenty of people have at the very least a basic level of English comprehension. The two languages are increasingly merging ... more English speakers are using German words and vice versa and English as far as I know is one of the mandatory languages to learn through the mid-upper school system.

Shit I was born and lived there for four years, speak it religiously at home, read it online and watch movies/documentaries in German, studied it from 1st grade until 12 grade and even the grammatical side catches me out with some degree of regularity.

If I was in Ambugaton's situation ... I wouldn't be too worried. :wink:


I'm the moron and your the one who thinks german is a difficult language to learn? Oh yeah i forgot your from America, you guys seem to struggle with English.


The women are VERY attractive there. Not as dolled up with make up and tend to be skinnier. I find you can also approach a german woman on the street or in a public situation and tell her how beautiful/sexy she is (even be a bit on the specific side) and many will thank you. In America you would most likely get told off. I've been there many times and those are my two cents...


To be fair YOU'RE not doing to good a job YOURself


Thanks everybody.

I'm a bit worried about the food, but I'll be on a base so I'm sure I'll have access to American nutritional comforts. I don't want to give the impression that I'm a xenophobe or anything like that; I'll definitely be doing my fair share of wandering around, in Germany and elsewhere.

As far as language goes, my primary concern is that I get off the plane, have no damn clue where to find my luggage, and can't give directions to a cab driver. I picked up Arabic this last year (as much as anyone can) so I still feel pretty absorbant.

My buddy got his ass kicked in Germany this year for hitting on a girl in a bar. I'll admit he runs his mouth, but I've heard that American boys are often given this sort of treatment just because we're popular with German girls. Any truth to this?

Oh, and more about the beer, please.


Don't worry, English is enough to get you started, the rest is up to you. You'll be fine, and most likely have the time of your life. Me jelly.


Was in Germany for a couple of weeks. Overall a fantastic place & I want to go back.
I found the people to be extremely open, fun, friendly and also blunt as others have said, which I found hysterical! Don't believe too much about people getting beat up.
It's quite easy to learn enough German to survive on but Mastering German is another story though. Although nearly everyone I met spoke fluent english, so I think you should be ok in that department.
The food there is good. Pretty basic food really. You'll have no problem getting a good steak. The beer is world class. Good flavour, quality and not much of a hangover afterwards.
And then there are the nightclubs. Some stay open all night and you'll see all kinds of crazy shit.
You'll have a blast.


Conversational German is Easy, Learning the language completely is not simple. Its one of my minors so eat shit. And yes i think you are a moron. You troll around this site, give shitty advice, send out a failed lifting challenge and dont even have the balls to accept the challenge yourself. You are also a sub par lifter in mediocre shape that has no right to be posting advice to anyone on this site. For fuck sakes you failed at the simple V-diet. Eat shit